Oura Device Compatibility

This article informs which device types, and operating systems (OS) can be used with the Oura app. 

Icon_Error__2_.png In order to provide you with the best possible experience, the Oura app will soon be retiring support for (1) iOS 11 & 12 and (2) Android 7.0. The latest Oura app release (v3.10) will be the last one that fully supports these operating systems (OS). For as long as you continue running on one of these OS's, you won't be able to upgrade or do a fresh install of the Oura app past v3.10. If your Oura app is already installed on a device running on one of these OS's, you can continue using it; however, in order to continue receiving our newest features and fixes, we encourage you to upgrade to iOS 13 or Android 8.0 (or higher) for the best app experience with us.* 

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png If you're an iOS user, you can follow along here for guidance on how to update.

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png If you're an Android user, you can follow along here for guidance on how to update.  

What are the device requirements of the Oura app?

The Oura app is designed and optimized for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. 

Icon_Error__2_.png Our products are compatible with most devices that run the following operating systems:

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png Apple iOS 13 & higher (must support Bluetooth 4.0)* 

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png Android 8.0 and higher (must support Bluetooth 4.0) with Google Play, Google Services* 

Keep in mind, Android and iOS devices have subtle differences in their electronic components which can affect functionality, such as Bluetooth connectivity. Due to the variation between device manufacturers, Oura cannot guarantee optimal performance of the Oura Ring and Oura app across all devices.

Although Oura products work with the majority of devices running the operating systems listed above, we suggest visiting our known issues page for possible incompatibility issues linked to your particular device.

Is the Oura app compatible with personal computers?

The Oura app is not optimized for, or compatible with Windows & macOS computers.

There are select Chromebooks running Chrome OS, with the Google Play Store enabled, that are compatible with the Oura app, but this OS is not officially supported by Oura.

Can information from my Oura app be accessed outside of it? 

You can access most of your Oura data using Oura on the web. To access Oura on the web, your Oura Ring must be connected to one of the devices mentioned above.

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