Warranty FAQs

This article contains answers to frequently asked questions related to warranty cases.

How long is the warranty on my Oura Ring?

Oura Rings are covered under a limited warranty for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. A warranty replacement will be covered for the remainder of the 2 years or 90 days, whichever is longer. Please visit our Terms of Use for more info.

When will your warranty team get back to me?

Warranty cases are handled in the order that they're received; our team will get back to you within three weeks.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for the extended response times - we’re still a small team working hard to grow to meet the demand for our product and respond to all inquiries; we appreciate your patience as we process your request!

Where do I find my order number?

You can locate your order number on the original order confirmation email you received after purchase. If you have exchanged your ring already, you would have been given a new order number; please provide the latest order number.

If you still have the original packaging from your order, a photo of the label on the bottom of that packaging contains the order number as well.

I bought my ring from Elisa Kulma, where can I find my order number?

If you purchased your ring from Elisa Kulma, please provide us a photo of the receipt. Kindly confirm your ring’s color, model, and size, as well.

My ring was a gift, where can I find my order number?

Please provide the full name of the person who gifted you the ring and any other identifiable information (e.g., email address or phone number) to help us locate the order.

Where do I find my ring model and size?

You can find these details in Oura app. On the home tab, click the ring icon in the upper right-hand corner (you can still click it when it’s spinning), swipe from right to left and your ring details will be next to 'Model and size'.

Can I change my ring size, color, or model for my replacement?

A warranty replacement ring must be the exact model originally purchased; changes are not permitted.

Can I have my warranty replacement shipped to a different address or country?

We’re happy to send your replacement to a new address; please confirm your current shipping address. We may need your past address only if we are unable to locate your order information.

Can I have my warranty replacement shipped to a different country?

If it’s a country we ship to, we’re happy to ship your warranty replacement to a different country; you can visit this page for a list of countries we ship to.

Will I have to pay customs and duties again?

Replacement rings are shipped as low value replacement parts; most countries that charge import duties will not charge them on a replacement. We recommend checking your local laws -- some countries will charge a minimal fee for any import, no matter the value.

When will I receive my warranty replacement?

Once we place your order, your replacement ring will arrive within 1 week.

Do I need to send my current ring back?

When your case is processed, you will receive instructions on what to do with your current ring.

Am I receiving a replacement ring, charger, or both?

The answer to this will depend on your specific case. Our team will inform you of these details upon receiving your inquiry.

Will the new ring be able to maintain my data within the app?

Please follow the Replacement Ring Set Up Guide and all measurements synced to your Oura account will be available within the app.

How do I set up my replacement ring?

Please visit this page for a complete guide to setting up your replacement ring.

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