Manage Your Notifications

Manage your notifications at any time in the Settings section of the Oura app, located in the menu Icon_Bars.png in the upper left-hand corner of the Home Icon_Home.png tab. For specifics, follow the instructions below.

Keep in mind: if you've enabled low power mode or power saving mode on your device, apps running in the background may not receive updates or send you notifications.

Enable Notifications in the Oura App  

1. Tap Settings Icon_Settings.png > Notifications. 
2. From here, you have the ability to toggle on or off the 5 notifications sent from your Oura app. These include low battery level reminders, inactivity alerts, activity progress updates, bedtime notifications, and insight notifications.


Descriptions of these notifications are provided below and can also be found inside the app when making changes to your notification preferences. The default settings provide notifications for low battery and inactivity.

For notifications to appear:

  • • Your ring must be on your finger.
  • • The app must be running in the background. 
  • • Your device's Bluetooth must be enabled. 

Note that if you’ve toggled on specific notifications within your Oura app and they still aren’t appearing as banner, lock screen, or notification center alerts on your device, you may need to check that Oura app notifications on your device are enabled as well.

Enable Oura App Notifications on Your Device

To start, go to Settings.

For iOS:

1. Tap Notifications > Scroll down, then tap on the Oura app > Ensure Allow Notifications is toggled on.
2. Optional: Under Options, you can also select Show Previews and change this setting to Always if you’d like your Oura notifications to show while your phone is locked. This may be useful in the case that you regularly use Face ID to unlock your phone, which may result in accidentally missing a notification.

For Android:

1. Tap Apps & Notifications > Go to App Info > Tap the Oura app listed in this section.
2. Tap Notifications or App Notifications 
3. Do one of the following:

  • • Tap Show Notifications, then proceed to tap On.
  • • Tap Allow Notifications.

Here’s what you can expect from each notification.

1. Battery Level

If your ring's battery level is low, Oura will provide you with an alert 2-3 hours before your bedtime. If you receive this notification, be sure to charge your ring prior to falling asleep.

You’ll need at least a 20% battery charge prior to bed to receive sleep data the following morning.

2. Inactivity Alerts

Inactivity alerts will provide you with a friendly reminder to stretch your legs after 50 minutes of inactivity. When you receive this notification, you have 10 minutes to reset it. To do so, take a brief walk, or stretch for a few minutes.

3. Activity Progress

Oura will keep you updated on your daily activity goal progress with timely reminders. Keep in mind that your daily activity goal is determined by your Readiness level, age, and gender.

In order to keep your Activity Score high, we suggest you aim to reach your daily activity goals at least 5 times a week, which is where enabling this notification may be helpful.

4. Bedtime Notifications

Oura will provide a notification two hours prior to your suggested bedtime, so you can start unwinding with your nightly routine. Your bedtime guidance is calculated relative to the nights you’ve slept the longest and most efficiently, and can be updated on a daily basis to reflect your most recent sleep needs.

Think of your bedtime guidance as Oura’s reminder to hold you accountable to a consistent good night’s sleep—if you happen to fall out of routine, bedtime notifications can help to bring you back into alignment.

5. Insight Notifications

Oura provides you with a unique Weekly Report every Sunday. By enabling insight notifications, you’ll be reminded that your Weekly Report is now available for viewing; this can be accessed via the card at the top of your Home Icon_Home.png tab.

Keep in mind that this report highlights key trends and weekly averages in your Readiness, Sleep, and Activity. To learn more about the Weekly Report, please visit this link.

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