Managing Your Notifications

By default, the app only provides notifications regarding battery level and/or inactivity.

For notifications to work, the ring needs to be either on your finger or connected to the charger. Your device's Bluetooth must be enabled as well.

You can update notification settings at any time in the 'Settings' section of your app.

Inactivity Alerts

When enabled, inactivity alerts will provide a friendly reminder to move your legs a bit after 50 minutes of inactivity. Once the alert goes off, you have 10 minutes to reset it. You can reset the alert by taking a quick walk (1-2 min), or by doing low-level activities, such as stretching for a few minutes. 

Battery Level Notifications

If your ring's battery is too low, the app will provide you with a low battery alert 2 - 3 hours before your bedtime, so you can charge it enough to get your nightly sleep stats. 

Learn more about alerts/notifications here.  


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