Product Safety & Use

Applying Hand Sanitizer? Washing your hands for the full 20 seconds? Your Oura Ring can handle it. Read on, and learn how to safely and effectively use your ring.

Use, Care, and Maintenance 

  • Cleaning
  • Remember to thoroughly wash and dry both your hands and your Oura Ring. 
  • If it works for your hands, it works for your ring, so Hand Sanitizer is OK!
  • - If you're observing more stringent hand washing protocols, you can follow the same steps as you would with other jewelry and remove your ring while scrubbing your hands to give the ring a separate cleanse.
  • To clean your ring, use a soft cloth or wash the ring with mild soap and water. Always remember to dry off after washing your hands to prevent skin irritation. (If you experience skin irritation/redness on your finger remove the product immediately. If symptoms persist longer than 2-3 days, while not using your Oura product, please contact a dermatologist/medical professional).


  • Use and Maintenance
  • You can wear your Oura Ring 24/7; It's built for all day comfort.
  • It is waterproof up to 100m/328 ft.
  • If your skin can take the heat (i.e. hot tub or sauna), then the ring can too!
  • To prevent scratching/internal damage avoid wearing the ring when strength training, working with heavy tools, or carrying heavy objects made of metal, ceramic, or stone.
  • Keep the ring away from children.
  • Do not leave the ring exposed to heat for extended periods (i.e. in a vehicle).
  • Do not puncture the ring or its battery.
  • Be careful handling batteries when wearing your ring. In some rare cases where both the cathode and the anode of a battery touch the ring, there is a risk of battery short circuit, similar to standard metallic rings.

Ring Stuck?

In case the ring gets stuck on your finger:

  •      - Use cold water and a small amount of soap, wet your finger, and slowly twist the ring to remove it.
  •      - Hold your hand up above your heart until the blood pressure gets lower, and then try the removal.

In case of emergency, cut the ring with a ring cutter from the palm side of the finger - the ring’s thinnest point. Do not cut the ridge of the Balance or the plain of Heritage. This prevents the battery from being cut. The lithium-ion polymer battery should not have electrolyte flowing, but, in case electrolyte comes in contact with your skin or eyes, flush it out with water and seek immediate medical attention.

Product Specs

External Materials: 

  •  - Titanium with PVD coating in silver rings. 
  •  - Titanium with Diamond-like Carbon Coating (DLC) in other models. 

Internal Materials: 

  •  - Non-allergenic, non-metallic, seamless inner molding
  •  - Memory capacity: 6 weeks
  •  - Battery: rechargeable 15mAh (US6) - 22mAh (US13) Lipo battery, non-replaceable
  •  - Battery life: Up to 7 days, depending on sleep and activity levels. (Dispose of the ring and battery in accordance with applicable local laws and regulations. Special handling may be required.)
  •  - Operating temperature: -10 – 54C / 14 – 129F (you can wear the ring in non-infrared sauna/hot tub)

Other Specs

  • Charging: wireless charging with Oura charger
  • Charging time:  20-80 minutes
  • Charging temperature: 0 - 54C / 32 – 129F (room temperature recommended).
  • Charger power cord/voltage: USB Type-C connector. USB nominal 5V. (Charger shall be supplied by a power source that shall meet with clause 2.5 of the standard for limited power supply. Charger complies with EN/IEC 60950-1 international safety standard for IT equipment.)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart®)
  • Ring firmware updates: automatic firmware updates via Oura app
  • The Oura app: Available in the App and Google Play Stores
  • Oura app compatibility: see
  • Privacy: data encryption, secure pairing of the ring and the app

Safety Information

Oura services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition. The information and guidance provided by Oura services are intended for informational purposes only and cannot replace the services of health professionals or physicians. You should always consult a physician if you have any questions regarding medical conditions and/or any changes you intend to make to your sleep or activity based on the information or guidance in the Oura services. Do not disregard professional medical advice, or delay in seeking it because of information received from Oura services.

Oura is not responsible for any health problems that may result from information or guidance you learn about through the Oura services. If you make any changes to your sleep or activity based on the Oura services, you agree that you do so fully at your own risk. If you feel any pain, fatigue, or discomfort as a result of changes in your sleep or activity, consult a physician before continuing with such changes. 

Make sure that the ring, or any other Oura product,  does not get caught on fixed structures or heavy objects to avoid injury. 


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