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This reference guide covers: best practices and key information to keep in mind while using your Oura Ring; safety information; and product specifications.

General Use
Memory Capacity
Battery & Charging
Care & Maintenance
Ring Stuck?
Safety Information
Information on EMF
Proposition 65 Warning
Product Specifications
External Surface Materials
Inner Surface Materials
Other Specifications

General Use

You can wear your Oura Ring 24/7. It's built for all-day comfort.

We don't recommend wearing your Oura Ring adjacent to other rings as this may cause discomfort or unintended scratching.

We recommend wearing your Oura Ring on your non-dominant hand. By doing so, you'll limit friction (and scratches to your ring) with items and surfaces you grab and touch each day.

The Oura Ring is water resistant up to ~330 ft. (100m). Oura’s water resistance grade applies to normal usage—meaning, you can wear it while partaking in recreational diving (e.g., snorkeling). However, we don’t recommend using your ring while scuba diving or keeping it submerged underwater for over 12 hours.

If your skin can take the heat or cold, your Oura Ring can, too. Hot tubs, saunas, ice baths, and cryotherapy tanks are all safe. Oura’s operating temperature ranges from (-10)°C – 52°C / 14°F – 125°F

The seamless inner molding of your ring is non-allergenic and non-metallic.

Oura employs data encryption, which ensures secure pairing of your ring and app. This means your personal data will be kept fully secure in case an external party ever gets a hold of your ring.

The Oura App is available on the App Store and Google Play. For device compatibility, visit us here. Automatic ring firmware updates are accessible directly from your Oura App.

If you’re no longer using an old ring, we ask that you perform a factory reset on it first, and pass it along to a friend or family member if it’s still in quality condition. Otherwise, we ask that you please repurpose it, or dispose of both the ring and internal battery in accordance with your local laws and regulations. Special handling may be required. The charger is an electronic device and local legislation for electronics recycling should be followed.

Memory Capacity

We recommend you sync your Oura Ring daily with your Oura App. However, the Oura Ring is capable of storing up to one week of data depending on the type and frequency of use. This means that your ring can continue to collect data without syncing to your device for up to one week. This would apply in the case that you wanted to enable Airplane Mode for an extended period of time.

Airplane Mode can only be enabled for a maximum of 7 days. This is because Airplane Mode is automatically disabled each time your ring is placed back on its charger. Once Airplane Mode is disabled upon this action, a data sync between your ring and app will be initiated upon re-charging. If you'd like to keep Airplane Mode enabled for extended periods of time, you'll still need to charge your ring every few days for optimal battery performance and daily use. Be sure to re-enable Airplane Mode following the completion of charging—instructions on how to do so can be found in this article.

Battery & Charging

Rechargeable 15mAh (US6) - 22mAh (US13) Lipo battery, non-replaceable.

A fully charged ring will last up to 7 days. Keep in mind, this will vary depending on the lifespan of your ring, as well as how often you use daytime or live features such as listening to a Sleep Sound, etc. To get the most out of your battery’s lifespan and enhance its longevity, check out our tips and best practices.

A full charge will take anywhere between 20-80 minutes depending on the starting charge level.

Charging is wireless with an Oura charger, which comes included with your ring set.

Charging in room temperature is recommended. The charger is not water-resistant and is intended for indoor use only. Do not use or store the charger in humid environments like bathrooms.

Charger power cord/voltage: USB Type-C connector. USB nominal 5V. The charging power cord is intended to be supplied by an external 5Vdc supply that complies with IEC 62368-1 standard. The power available to the equipment shall never exceed 15W after 3 seconds.

Charger complies with EN/IEC 62368-1 international safety standard for ICT and AV equipment.

Care & Maintenance

To clean your Oura Ring, you can rinse it with a small amount of mild dish soap and water. Remember to thoroughly dry your hands and your Oura Ring before placing it back on your finger.

Hand sanitizer is safe to use with the Oura Ring.

If you're following more stringent hand washing protocols, you can follow the same steps you would with other jewelry and remove your ring while scrubbing your hands to give the ring a separate cleanse.

Try to avoid wearing the ring while strength training, working with a shovel or other heavy tools, and carrying heavy objects made of metal, ceramics, or stone. In addition, try to avoid wearing the ring next to other rings or objects made of metal, ceramics, stones, or diamonds. The Oura Ring may get scratched and can itself scratch softer metal jewelry or other objects in close contact with the ring, such as phone covers made of gold, silver, or aluminum. Some ceramic phone covers with a soft coating may also get scratched.

Don't leave the ring exposed to heat for extended periods.

Don't puncture the Oura Ring or its battery.

Tips for Removing a Stuck Ring

Your finger size can vary depending on the time of the day, food and beverage you’ve recently consumed, rigorous exercise you’ve recently completed, and changes in altitude. In these cases, it may be difficult to remove the ring from your finger.

In case your ring gets stuck:

  • Use cold water and gentle soap to wet your finger, and slowly twist the ring to remove it.
  • Hold your hand up above your heart until the blood pressure gets lower, and then try to remove it. 

In cases of emergency, discomfort, or if you can't remove the ring yourself, seek immediate medical attention.

Safety Information

Please note that Oura Services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition. The information and guidance in Oura Services are there for informational purposes only and cannot replace the services of health professionals or physicians. You should always consult a physician if you have any questions regarding a medical condition or any changes you intend to make to your sleep or activity based on information or guidance from Oura Services. Never disregard or delay in seeking professional medical advice because of something you’ve read from Oura Services.

Oura is not responsible for any health problems that may result from information or guidance you receive from Oura Services. If you make any change to your sleep or activity based on Oura Services, you agree that you do so fully at your own risk. It is important to be sensitive to your body’s responses. For example, if you feel unexpected, repeated, or long term pain, fatigue or discomfort due to having made changes to your sleep or activity, it is recommended that you consult a physician before continuing with such changes. The information and guidance in Oura Services may be misleading if your physiological functions and responses differ significantly from population averages due to medical conditions or rare natural differences.

Keep the ring away from children. This product is not intended for individuals under the age of 18. Seek immediate medical attention if you know or suspect that a child has swallowed the ring.

The Oura Ring uses infrared (IR), red, and green light-emitting diodes (LEDs). These lights do not pose a health hazard.

Please avoid handling batteries, or working on devices with machinery that contain batteries while wearing your Oura Ring. In certain cases, where both the cathode and the anode of another battery touch the ring, there is a risk of a short circuit which is similar to standard metallic rings. This can result in a potentially dangerous shock. Please take the proper precautions to avoid these situations.

If you experience redness or skin irritation on your finger due to the ring or any other Oura product, remove it immediately. If symptoms persist longer than 2-3 days of not using your Oura product, please contact a dermatologist.

Please be cautious when moving heavy objects while wearing your ring to prevent it from getting caught on any fixed structures. 

Information on EMF

The Oura Ring is a Bluetooth Smart®, class 2 device. Bluetooth is only active during a small portion of each day—well below 1%. Data is transmitted continuously when the ring is syncing with the app and during firmware updates.

The limit for Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for a device like the Oura Ring is 2.0 W/kg for head and body. The Oura Ring’s SAR level is 0.0003 W/kg. For context, all cell phones sold in the United States tend to have a SAR level at or below 1.6 W/kg.

You can always turn on Airplane Mode if you’d like to eliminate all EMF exposure from your ring.

Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

For more information on Proposition 65 chemicals, please visit:

Product Specifications

External Surface Materials

  • Titanium with physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating in Gold color. Titanium with PVD coating in Silver color. Titanium with Diamond-like Carbon Coating (DLC) in other models

Inner Surface Materials

  • Non-allergenic, non-metallic seamless inner molding. This is a medical grade, BPA-free inner surface
  • Shock resistance and bonding between printed circuit board and ring outer frame


  • Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart®)
  • EMF-Safe and allows Airplane Mode
  • FCC certified

Other Specifications

  • Width: 7.9mm
  • Thickness: 2.55mm—the size of a wedding band
  • Weight: 4-6 grams (depending on ring size)—lighter than a conventional ring
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