Tips for Determining Your Oura Ring Size

In this article, we share step-by-step guidance for how to approach our sizing process once you’ve received your complimentary sizing kit in the mail. Following this, we offer a few tips to keep in mind while trying on rings.

How to Choose Your Size
How to Remove & Care for Your Ring
Between Sizes?
Sizing Tips & Best Practices
3D Print the Sizing Kit

Note, at this time we don’t offer the option to buy individual sizing kits—they come included as part of your Oura Ring purchase. You don't need to return the sizing kit once you're finished with it. Instead, feel free to pass it along to a friend or family member who might be interested in Oura. Otherwise, please recycle your sizing kit.

If you received a sizing kit from a friend or family member and have already determined your Oura Ring size, you can select your size directly from the dropdown menu on our purchase site.

How to Choose Your Size

A proper fitting ring will result in the highest possible data accuracy, comfort, and overall experience with Oura. By going through this process with us and taking whatever time you need, we’re confident you’ll find your ideal ring size.

1. Open Your Sizing Kit

Inside your sizing kit, you’ll find 8 plastic ring sizers, sizes 6-13. Keep in mind that Oura Ring sizes are slightly different than standard US ring sizes. We don't offer half sizes.

All ring sizers and Oura Rings are the same width and circumference. However, the Oura Ring itself weighs slightly more due to material differences.

Icon_Tip__2_.png Our ring sizers are made of plastic, while the Oura Ring is crafted with titanium and has a seamless inner molding (for comfort). Due to the plastic mold used to make our ring sizers, they may seem less comfortable than the actual Oura Ring you’ll end up receiving.

2. Choose Your Finger

The Oura Ring works on all fingers and can be worn on either hand. 

For optimal performance and accuracy, we recommend wearing your Oura Ring on your index finger. 

If you prefer another finger, the middle or ring fingers are the next best, but try to avoid fingers with large knuckles (where the base of your finger is narrower than the knuckle).

3. Confirm Ring Orientation

The sensor bumps inside the ring sizer should be on the pad (palm side) of your finger. 

Keep in mind, these mimic the LED sensors located inside the Oura Ring, which are used to detect and track your body signals. Without proper ring orientation, Oura won’t be able to share accurate data with you.

4. Ensure a Comfortable Fit

Your Oura Ring should fit tightly and securely around the base of your finger, but not to the point where it’s uncomfortable. 

5. Test the Snugness

Test the fit by making a fist while wearing your ring sizer. If you see a gap between the top of your finger and the inside of the ring, you might need a smaller size.

6. Wear for 24 Hours

Your fingers expand and contract based on environmental factors, so we recommend wearing your ring sizer for at least 24 hours to confirm your best fit. Your ring should not rotate as you go about normal daily tasks.

Your fingers may be slightly larger in the morning, which is why wearing it overnight is a great gauge to start with.

7. Confirm Your Ring Size

Once you’ve landed on your ideal size, visit and click the "Confirm Your Size" button to update your order.

Our team will send you an email to log in to your "My Account" portal, where you’ll be able to select and confirm your Oura Ring size. Following confirmation, you’ll receive an email from us once your order has left our warehouses and is en route to you.

How to Remove & Care for Your Ring

To gently remove your ring, wash your hands with soap and water and slide the ring off your finger.

Whenever you wash your hands with your Oura Ring on, you can follow these best practices to prevent irritation:

  1. Once you’re done washing your hands, slide your Oura Ring up your finger and dry the base of your finger.
  2. Next, slide your Oura Ring back down to the base of your finger and dry the area above your ring. This will help to prevent water from becoming trapped underneath your ring.

Stuck Between Sizes?

We recommend choosing the smaller of the two for the following reasons:


It’s key your ring’s sensors always remain in contact with your skin. A more snug fit is known to create a stronger signal between the LED sensors on the inside of your Oura Ring and the arteries beneath your skin by eliminating space/gaps.


Because our ring sizers are made of plastic, they may feel "stickier" on your skin and as a result, won’t slide off as easily as the actual Oura Ring—which is built with a seamless inner molding. If you’re deciding between sizes, we recommend the smaller of the two that remains comfortable to wear.

Sizing Tips & Best Practices

Prioritize a secure fit with comfort in mind. The right size is one that’s comfortable to wear for extended periods and doesn’t feel too tight during daily wear. The ring size you select shouldn’t slide off easily and but should remove with a little soap and water whenever you need to give it a battery recharge.

If you have knuckles that are larger than the base width of your finger(s), we recommend choosing the size that fits the base of your finger best, and you feel most comfortable with. You should be able to twist your ring off easily using soap and water. If you have one or more fingers with smaller knuckles than the rest, we suggest wearing your Oura Ring on one of those.

Remember: the sensors on the inside of your Oura Ring should always remain in contact with the pad of your finger. Ensure the fit of your ring is secure—meaning, no spaces or gaps exist and it doesn’t rotate around your finger too much with daily wear.

Yes, you can move your ring between fingers and hands if you’d like, or ever need to due to changes in finger size.

Keep in mind! Our ring sizers are meant to serve as guidelines for selecting your size and are not reflective of the quality and feel of the Oura Ring you’ll receive after updating your order.

3D Print the Sizing Kit

If you have access to a 3D Printer, you have the option to print Oura's sizing kit rings.

To download the Oura Ring 3D Printing files, please click here.

Once you have determined your Oura Ring size, you can select it directly from the dropdown menu on our purchase site.

Keep in mind:

  • The file format is .stl
  • Each ring is its own file
  • Begin by printing 2-3 ring sizers. If these don't fit, print a few more
  • Choose high-quality material for printing. If you use a coarse material, the results may not be optimal

Feel free to pass the rings along to a friend or family member who may be interested in Oura. Otherwise, please recycle them according to your local recycling guidelines.

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