Tips for Determining Your Oura Ring Size

In this article, we share step-by-step guidance for how to approach our sizing process once you’ve received your sizing kit in the mail. Following this, we offer a few tips to keep in mind while trying on rings.

Use These Steps to Choose Your Size

A proper fitting ring will result in the highest possible data accuracy, comfortability, and overall experience with Oura. By going through this process with us and taking whatever time you need, we’re confident you’ll find your ideal ring size.

1. Open Your Sizing Kit

Inside your sizing kit, you’ll find 8 plastic sample rings, sizes 6-13. Please note that Oura Ring sizes are slightly different than standard US ring sizes. We don't offer half sizes.

Because our sizing kit sample rings are made of plastic, they may feel less comfortable than the Oura Ring you'll receive after confirming your size, which is crafted with titanium.

2. Ensure Correct Positioning & Begin Trying On Rings

The 3 tiny ‘bumps’ located inside the sample rings should be touching the palm side of your finger, in contact with your skin. These are designed to mimic the infrared LED sensors inside the actual Oura Ring. Keep in mind: Many Oura users wear their ring on their index, middle, or ring finger—but the pinky and thumb work as well. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ finger, and you can change fingers from time to time without sacrificing accuracy.

Try on as many rings as you’d like to gauge what may be the best size for you and do so on multiple fingers if you’re unsure of which finger you prefer.

3. Narrow It Down and Choose the Smaller Ring Size

From here, we recommend selecting 2-3 final ring sizes and performing the following with each size on (testing on the finger you’ve decided feels best for now*):

• Wave and shake your hand around some. Your ring should stay put.

• Make a fist, and try touching your fingers to your palm. This shouldn’t cause too much discomfort.

• Try some daily tasks while wearing your sample ring(s), such as typing on your computer, brushing your hair/teeth, or using your phone. The ring size you select should be unobtrusive in your daily routine.

• Sleep on it. Because your finger size slightly changes over 24 hours, we recommend testing out the 2-3 sizes you’ve narrowed down to over 24 hours. If upon waking up in the morning, the ring size you’ve worn feels too tight, this likely is not the best size for you. We suggest trying out another size overnight in this scenario.

Stuck between sizes? We recommend choosing the smaller of the two for the following reasons:

1. Accuracy. It’s key that your ring’s sensors always remain in contact with your skin. A more snug fit is known to create a stronger signal between the infrared LED sensors on the inside of your Oura Ring and the arteries beneath your skin by eliminating space/gaps.

2. The difference in sizing kit and Oura Ring product materials. Because the sizing kit sample rings are made of plastic, they may feel ‘stickier’ on your skin and as a result, won’t slide off as easily as the actual Oura Ring—which is built with a seamless inner molding. The smaller size should work best.

Sizing Tips

Prioritize comfort. The right size is one that’s comfortable to wear for extended periods and doesn’t feel too tight when you wake up in the morning. The ring size you select shouldn’t slide off easily, but you shouldn’t have trouble removing it either. You should be able to gently twist it off with ease.

If you have knuckles that are larger than the base width of your finger(s), we recommend choosing the size you feel most comfortable with, and can twist off with relative ease. If you have one or more fingers with smaller knuckles than the rest, we suggest wearing your Oura Ring on one of those.

Remember: the sensors on the inside of your Oura Ring should always remain in contact with your skin. Ensure the fit of your ring is snug so no spaces or gaps exist.

Our sizing kit rings are meant to serve as guidelines for selecting your size and are not reflective of the quality and feel of the Oura Ring you’ll receive after updating your order. 

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