Trouble Connecting (iOS)

Before you get started, ensure you do the following: In iOS 13+, Apple requires all third-party apps to ask permission before accessing any Bluetooth information. Be sure to allow the Oura app to use Bluetooth. To check, on your iPhone, please go to Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth.

Connection Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Switch your mobile device's Bluetooth off, wait 5 seconds, and switch it back on.
  2. Restart the app (make sure to also close it from the background). 
  3. Restart your mobile device.

Additional Steps

  1. Install the latest Oura app version.
  2. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device.
  3. Place the ring on the charger, make sure it's charging near your mobile device.
  4. Make sure your ring isn't paired to any other device via Bluetooth (e.g. your old phone or tablet).
  5. Stop & close all other Bluetooth enabled apps on your mobile device.
  6. Make sure your mobile device has at least 20% battery and Power Saving mode is turned off.
  7. Turn off your device's WiFi, and make sure that there are no other radio-powered devices nearby (e.g. laptop).
  8. When you set up your new ring, pairing should be done via the Oura app, not the mobile device settings. 

If The Issue Persists

Reset the Bluetooth connection between the ring and mobile device by 'forgetting' the ring in your Bluetooth settings: 

  1. Close the Oura app (also from background).
  2. Go to mobile device Bluetooth settings (Settings > Bluetooth).
  3. Find your ring from the list of devices (e.g. oura_0_A12B34CD5678), and tap the "i" or Settings icon to unpair/forget the device.
  4. Open the app. The ring and app should reconnect.

Set up your ring as a new ring following these instructions.

Another Try

If the ring still doesn't connect, you can try a hardware reset. Please note, performing a hardware reset may result in loss of data. Hardware reset should be used only after other steps have been attempted first.

To perform a hardware reset:

1. Close the Oura app.
2. Place the ring on the charger with the power connected.
3. Tap the charger rapidly and firmly on the table a few times, keeping the ring in place with the help of your finger when tapping.
4. Wait about a minute, then open the Oura app to check if the connection is established.

You may try this few times to trigger the reset. Please see the video below:


Remember: We recommend not using Oura with two devices simultaneously. Each ring should be connected with just one device. Your Oura account should have only one ring and app connected to it.

Please submit a request if all else fails. To speed up the process, provide your Oura account email, and perform a manual backup of your data: Settings > Account > Back up all data. 

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