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Oura Rings are available for purchase online and at one retail location in our founding country of Finland. Oura Rings come as a complete set, including a charging dock and power cord that can be attached to any source that’s USB compatible (e.g., laptop or power brick). We currently don’t have any options for purchasing an Oura Ring without the charging accessories.

You can purchase additional chargers directly from our website.

At this time, purchases are limited to one ring per order. If you’re looking to buy another ring for a friend or family member, you’ll need to select the "This is a gift" box during checkout.

For bulk purchases, contact partnerships@ouraring.com.

Finance Your Purchase
Purchase from Our Site
Purchase in Finland
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Payment Issues
Missing Confirmation Email
Change or Cancel Order

When you purchase an Oura Ring, it’s a one-time hardware charge that comes coupled with an Oura Membership. If this is your first time buying an Oura Ring, your purchase comes with a free 6 month membership trial. Once your trial ends, you’ll be able to retain all the same benefits and features enabled by your Membership for $5.99/€5.99* per month. To learn more about Oura Membership, please see our FAQ.

*In the US, the fee will be $5.99 before tax. In the EU, the fee will be €5.99 after tax, and in the rest of the world, $6.99 after tax.

Finance Your Oura Ring Purchase

We also offer the option to finance your Oura Ring purchase through our partner, Affirm. To take advantage of this alternative, please select Affirm: Monthly payments under Payment during the checkout process. Keep in mind, Affirm can only be used to purchase your Oura Ring and cannot be utilized when paying for your $5.99/€5.99 monthly Membership. At this time, we don’t have any options for financing or purchasing multiple months of Oura Membership ahead of time. 

Purchase from Our Site (Recommended)

We recommend buying an Oura Ring directly from our website, as we’ll automatically send you a free sizing kit as part of your purchase. Oura Ring sizes are slightly different than standard US ring sizes, and we don't offer half sizes. Going through our sizing kit process ensures you’ll find your best possible fit, which will deliver the most accurate data and insights from your ring.

If you already know your Oura Ring size, you can select it directly from the dropdown menu on our purchase site.

Keep in mind, our current ring model available for purchase is the Generation 3 Oura Ring. We no longer sell Generations 2 or 1 on our website.

Purchase in Finland

A limited selection of rings are also available for purchase at the Elisa Kulma store in Helsinki, Finland. If you're in the area, feel free to stop by!

Purchase the Gucci x Oura Ring

The Gucci x Oura Ring, a collaboration between luxury fashion brand Gucci and Oura, is exclusively available on gucci.com and in select Gucci retail stores globally. For more information, see the Gucci x Oura Ring FAQs.

Give the Gift of Oura

If you're looking to gift an Oura Ring, please see our gift guide for step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

Payment Issues

If you're having difficulty completing your order, please try the following:

  • Ensure that you're using an accepted credit or debit card issued by Visa, Mastercard, or American Express
  • Check your payment details: Ensure that the billing address you've provided is the address associated with your credit card
  • Try a different credit card
  • Pay using PayPal

Please contact our team if you are still experiencing payment issues.

Missing Order Confirmation Email

Oura will send confirmation emails after you complete your purchase and after you confirm your ring size. Confirmation emails are sent to the email address provided in the original order.

If you haven't received a confirmation email:

  1. Wait for a few minutes and refresh your inbox
  2. Check your spam folder
  3. Search for an order confirmation using your email's search function

If you still can't locate your confirmation email, please contact our team, and include the name, email address, and shipping address used on the original order.

Make Changes to Your Order

To cancel your order, or to update the finish (color) or size of your ring, please contact our team. Note that changes to your Oura Ring order must be made before you update your ring size.

To change the shipping address for an order that has already shipped, please contact the carrier found in your shipping confirmation email.

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