How to Gift an Oura Ring

Oura does not offer gift cards at this time. However, we provide an easy alternative for those who want to give Oura as a gift. Please follow the steps below for more information.

To Gift a Ring Icon_Moment_Onboarding_3__1_.png

1. Visit us here to jumpstart the gifting process.

2. Start by selecting a ring style and finish you think your gift recipient would like. Icon_Tip__1_.png Your recipient can contact our support team after receiving their sizing kit to make any changes to their style and, or finish—if needed. 

3. Proceed by clicking on ‘Next: Select Size’. Then, select ‘Free Sizing Kit’. You’ll be able to send the sizing kit directly to your gift recipient. Please ensure you enter their shipping details when completing the order, such as full name and delivery address.

4. Now it's time to decide how you'd like your recipient to receive their Oura Ring: 

Icon_Arrow_Right__1_.png Keep it as a surprise 

If you'd like the delivery of the sizing kit to remain a surprise to your recipient, please use your personal email as both the billing and shipping email addresses in the checkout form. This way, you'll receive the order confirmation and all subsequent shipping updates. 

Icon_Arrow_Right__1_.png Give them a preview 

If you decide not to go down the surprise route and would like your recipient to receive the order confirmation, as well as shipping updates for their sizing kit and Oura Ring delivery, please use your personal email as the billing email address and your recipient's email as the shipping email address in the checkout form. 

5. Icon_Error__2_.png Because the email address connected to the original order under 'billing email' must be used when selecting a ring size, you'll have to confirm your recipient's ring size on their behalf once they've determined their appropriate fit. You'll be able to submit their ring size using the link here

Icon_Checkmark_Large__2_.png Please note:

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png You can submit your recipient's confirmed ring size at your own convenience. There is no time limit or expiration on this update.

6. Once a ring size is submitted, your recipient’s Oura Ring will be shipped to the same address their sizing kit was sent to in just a few days' time.

7. If your gift recipient would like to change the style and/or finish of their ring, they'll need to submit a request to our support team here. Your recipient will need to know the order number connected to the original purchase to complete this process, which you'll need to provide them with—unless you decided to give them a preview of their sizing kit delivery. Please inform them that their ring can only be exchanged for another ring in the same price bracket.

Icon_Checkmark_Large__2_.png Please note:

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png Once an update has been made to their ring style and/or finish, a shipping confirmation will be received within 1-2 weeks. This confirmation will be sent to whichever email address was entered under 'shipping email' in the original checkout process. 

Icon_Tip__1_.png Due to local tax regulations, address changes to a different state or country will require that you contact Oura Support to cancel your original order. After doing so, you’ll need to place a new order for delivery to the desired location. Our team will be available to advise you on this process if needed.

Icon_Checkmark_Large__3_.png Things to Keep in Mind—If You Received Oura as a Gift 

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png The individual who gifted you an Oura Ring will need to confirm your ring size on your behalf. Once you receive your sizing kit and determine your proper fit, please share your size with them so they can update the order with this information. If you'd like to learn more about our sizing process and how to approach determining your ideal ring size, please see this article

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png Once your size has been confirmed by your gifter, your Oura Ring should arrive within approximately one week. If your gifter entered your personal email address under 'shipping email' during the checkout process, you'll receive an email informing you that your ring is on its way. 

Icon_Lowest_Heart_Rate_Indicator.png If you'd like to return or exchange the Oura Ring that was gifted to you, please submit a request to our team here. Please note: you'll need to know the order number connected to the original purchase to complete either of these processes, which you may need to obtain from your gifterunless you received an order confirmation for your sizing kit and Oura Ring. In this case, your order number should be included in the order confirmation you received via email. 

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