Tips for Determining Your Oura Ring Size

Finding the right Oura Ring fit ensures you’ll have the best experience possible with Oura. A proper fitting ring will result in the highest possible accuracy and comfortability. We encourage you to take advantage of our free sizing kit so you can take the time you need to find the best fit for you.

Things to Keep in Mind

Oura Ring sizes are slightly different from standard US ring sizes.

Sizing kit sample rings are meant to serve as guidelines for selecting the proper fit only and are not reflective of the quality and feel of the Oura Ring you’ll receive after updating your order.

Although sizing kit rings and the Oura Ring are the same width, the seamless inner molding found inside the Oura Ring allows it to slide onto your finger comfortably. The weight of the Oura Ring itself is lighter than a conventional ring and the titanium coating that makes up the outer shell has a polished look and feel.

Find the Ideal Fit for You

The best fit for your Oura Ring is one that’s snug enough so you can wave and shake your hand without the ring moving around, but also one that allows you to bend your fingers and touch the inside of your palm with comfort.

Try doing some daily tasks while wearing a specific ring size from our sizing kit to see how well it suits your preferences. For example, try typing on your computer, picking up various items, brushing your hair/teeth, using your phone, eating, or doing household chores, and observe how different ring sizes complement these activities.

The goal is for the ring size you select to be unobtrusive in your daily routine and comfortable to the extent that you hardly recognize it’s there.

Tips From Oura

1. Choose a Finger

Find a finger that works best for you. Most users typically wear their rings on the index, middle, or ring fingers—but the pinky and thumb work as well.

2. Prioritize Comfort

You'll know you've found the right size if the ring is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and doesn't feel too tight when you wake up in the morning. If the ring falls off easily, it's likely too big. If you have trouble removing it, it's likely too small. Because the size of your fingers slightly change over a 24-hour period (due to changes in circulation and blood flow), we recommend testing out a few sizes over 24 hours to ensure the size you select will remain comfortable throughout the day and night.

3. Choose the Smaller Size

Stuck between two ring sizes? We recommend choosing the smaller of the two. A more snug fit is likely to provide more accurate insights since the signal between the PPG sensors inside your Oura Ring and the arteries just beneath your skin will be stronger when there is limited space between the two.

4. Warm Your Hands

Your fingers change size throughout the day. If your hands are cold when trying on a ring, your fingers might be smaller than normal. To solve this, take a walk or rub your hands together to warm them up.

5. Make Sure the Ring is Positioned Correctly

See the tiny bumps inside the sizing ring? These are designed to mimic the LEDs in the actual Oura Ring that measure your Blood Pulse Volume from the arteries on your finger. To ensure accuracy, make sure our three sensors rest on the palm side of your finger, in contact with your skin.

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