Use Airplane Mode

How to Enable Airplane Mode

To enable Airplane Mode, tap the ring icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Oura home tab. Then, toggle the slider next to 'Ring airplane mode' on. Confirm that you’d like to ‘Turn on airplane mode’ via the pop-up message that opens.


Things to Keep in Mind

Airplane Mode disables all radio transmission from your Oura Ring, including Bluetooth connection between the ring and the app. When Airplane Mode is enabled, the ring continues to collect data and can do so for up to 6 weeks.

Note that Airplane Mode only stays on for 7 days at a time. This means that if you’d like to keep Airplane Mode on for extended periods of time, you’ll need to re-enable it on a weekly basis. This is because the ring is taken out of Airplane Mode each time it’s placed on your charger. Once it’s done charging, you’ll need to re-enable Airplane Mode, if you chose to do so.

Your ring data will be synced with the app only when Airplane Mode is disabled.

How to Disable Airplane Mode

To disable Airplane Mode, place your ring on its charger and wait a few seconds for the ring and app to connect. If you experience connection issues, simply close and re-open the Oura app.

Keep in mind that if your ring has been in Airplane Mode for more than a few days, it may take longer for your data to sync with the app once reconnecting with Bluetooth.

When to Use Airplane Mode

Consider turning on Airplane Mode if you’d like to eliminate all EMF exposure from the ring. Keep in mind that the Bluetooth signal from your Oura Ring is only active during a small portion of each day (well below 1%). It’s also completely turned off while you’re inactive or sleeping.

You may also consider turning on Airplane Mode if you’re traveling to a different time zone for a short stay and don’t want time zone changes to be accounted for by your ring.

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