Meet Gen3

The Oura Ring Generation 3 has 15 advanced sensors, updated algorithms, and new software features to provide an improved, personalized health experience.

Hardware Updates
Software Features
Oura Membership


The Gen3 ring comes exclusively in two designs: Heritage and Horizon.

Oura Horizon has a sleek, uninterrupted design. For the best fit and most accurate readings, wear your ring so that the dimple and sensors are on the palm side of your finger.

Oura Heritage has a classic, plateau design. For the best fit and most accurate readings, wear your ring so that the flat top is on the top of your finger and the sensors are on the palm side of your finger.



The Gen3 ring includes green and red LEDs in addition to infrared (IR) LEDs. This allows measurements of daytime and workout heart rate.

Temperature Sensors

The Gen3 ring includes extra negative temperature coefficient (NTC) sensors and an advanced calibrated sensor to measure differences in your skin temperature.

Finger Detection Sensor

An extra IR sensor in the Gen3 ring helps the algorithm detect and compensate for when your ring is not optimally aligned, allowing for more accurate readings.

Battery & Charger

The new charger features color-coded LEDs for improved charging status displays.


The Oura Ring Gen3 retains the same functions and data insights that made the Gen2 an industry-leading device, including Nap Detection, Social Sharing, and Sleep, Readiness, and Activity Scores. In addition to these features, the Gen3 offers even more improvements and innovations.


Heart Rate

Monitor your heart rate continuously with new daytime heart rate, real-time measurements, and Workout Heart Rate.


Gen3 includes extra NTC sensors for features such as Period Prediction and improved illness detection capabilities.


A blood oxygen measurement (SpO2) feature for viewing nighttime blood oxygen levels.

Sleep Staging

Advanced sleep staging algorithm, coming in 2022. Read more about Oura's sleep staging study results here.

Women's Health

Predict your period up to 30 days in advance through body temperature measurements.

Media Content

"Explore Tab"—a constantly updating media library of soundscapes, guided meditations, breathwork, educational content, and more.

Activity Detection

Both rings offer Automatic Activity Detection (AAD), but the Gen3 improves upon this by adding location-based insights to your workouts.

Oura Membership

With the introduction of the Oura Ring Generation 3, Oura has moved to a monthly subscription membership. Users of Gen3 without a membership will only be able to access Scores for the current day, without insights or additional features. You can learn more about Oura Membership in our Membership FAQs.

Gen2 Users

Oura will continue to support the Gen2 rings with routine software and firmware updates. All previously available features will be unchanged.

Due to extensive technological differences between Generation 2 and Generation 3 rings, new features will only be released for Gen3.

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