The Difference Between the Gen2 and Gen3 Oura Rings

What’s up with the New Oura Ring Generation 3? How’s it different from Generation 2? We hash out all your questions on Generation 2 vs. Generation 3 below. 

Same Look, Upgraded Interior
New Interior, New Features
Everything You Love(d), Still at Your Fingertips
Future Benefits: Generation 3
For Active Gen2 Members

Same Look, Upgraded Interior

The Oura Ring Generation 2 and Generation 3 are designed with the exact same exterior look and feel. Maintaining the same lightweight and unobtrusive profile, Generation 3 is packed full with an entirely new set of advanced technology. To keep it simple, Gen3 comes in a single style: Heritage. We decided to prioritize the clean and minimal Heritage design, which has stood the test of time as our most popular style and represents the origin of our brand. We break down the fundamental hardware differences between Gen2 and Gen3 here:

LED Lineup


  • Infrared LEDs


  • Green, red, and infrared LEDs—rounding out a comprehensive profile for how Oura reads, and delivers value back to you.
  • This new configuration is what allows Generation 3 to detect your live and daytime heart rate, as well as unlock a whole new series of features down the line. Oura is agile enough to know when to use each:
    • New Green LEDs enable Daytime and Workout Heart Rate* (Workout HR coming early 2022*)
    • New Red LEDs enable Blood Oxygen Measurement (SpO2 Sensing), coming in 2022
    • Infrared LEDs are activated during nighttime heart rate readings—enabling deeper measurements


Temperature Sensors


  • NTC Sensor. Negative temperature coefficient: used for fine-tuned and precise body temperature measurements
    • Temperature readings shown as a differential (i.e., only revealing how much your body temperature changes from night to night)


  • Brand new temperature system, built with extra NTC sensors and an advanced calibrated sensor—granting Oura the potential to release industry-leading Women’s Health features such as Period Prediction and improve our existing illness detection capabilities, all while elevating accuracy
    • Includes a new finger detection system, enabling more accurate measurements



While Gen2 and Gen3 can both reach a full charge in 20-80 minutes and maintain an average battery life of 4-7 days, Gen3 has gone a step further in its battery innovations.


  • Engineered with a gauge for monitoring current consumption, allowing Oura to conserve your battery whenever possible so you get the most out of each charge.
  • Comes equipped with an evolved charger that retains the same design, but now incorporates a color-changing LED light, helping you identify the charging status of your ring.

*Keep in mind that both Gen2 and Gen3 chargers can be used to charge either Gen2 or Gen3 rings

Memory & Sampling


  • Has 32x the memory capacity of Gen2—allowing us to introduce advanced features, build extensive and personalized journeys into your Oura app experience, and further our impact as a research-grade tool
  • Dynamically changes its data sampling rate depending on what’s being measured—to optimize for accuracy and preserve battery life

New Interior, New Features

Engineered with a brand new technology suite, the Oura Ring Generation 3 is built to empower cutting-edge features that capture the future of health—all on your finger.

The evolved LED and sensor configuration assembled into our newest ring model allows Generation 3 to come exclusively with the following features:

Daytime Heart Rate, including Live and Restorative Time

  • Get the full picture. Monitor your heart rate 24/7 and follow your patterns from morning to night
  • Check-in with yourself. See your heart rate in real-time
  • Put your rest and recovery into focus. See how much time your body and mind have entered a relaxed state throughout each day



Period Prediction (Beta)

  • Stay prepared and receive predictions based on your body, not your calendar. Predict your period up to 30 days in advance thanks to Oura’s consistent body temperature measurements and routine alerts
  • The more you use Period Prediction, the smarter it gets. As Oura gets familiar with your personal temperature rhythms and gathers your feedback, you’ll start to receive predictions based on patterns observed in real-time



Workout Heart Rate, coming in early 2022

  • Track your heart rate during runs, walks, and bike rides to receive detailed insights while you work out, and recovery data once you’ve wrapped things up


Best in Consumer Class, Advanced Sleep Staging Algorithm, coming in 2022

  • Get the accuracy of a sleep lab wrapped around your finger with our new algorithm, reaching 79% agreement with the PSG gold standard


Blood Oxygen Measurement (SpO2 Sensing), coming in 2022

  • View your nighttime blood oxygen levels to get a more fine-tuned read on the quality of your overnight rest


Guided Audio Sessions + Educational Videos & Slideshows, coming in late 2021

  • Access an entirely new library of science-backed videos and audio sessions, designed to help you understand how to interpret your body’s signals and take action in building healthy habits
    • Moments and Sleep Sounds as original assets of Gen2 will be merged into this expansive library as well


*Please keep in mind, all of the features listed above are only available on Gen3.

Everything You Love(d), Still at Your Fingertips

All the same features, functions, and data insights that made Generation 2 into an industry-leading device come locked and loaded into the Oura Ring Generation 3. Original Generation 2 features, content, and body signals you can also expect to find inside Generation 3 include:

Resting Heart Rate Icon_Moment_Onboarding_3__1_.png + Heart Rate Variability Icon_HRV__2_.png + Body TemperatureIcon_Temperature__3_.png + Respiratory Rate Icon_Lungs.png



Sleep Icon_Moon.png Readiness Icon_Readiness__1_.png+ Activity Scores Icon_Activity_Lines.png

Get quick answers to:

  • How well did I sleep last night? How much can my mind and body take on today? How well am I balancing activity, inactivity, and rest?


Nap Detection Icon_ZZZ__1_.png

  • Get credit for all your sleep. Oura automatically detects daytime naps to ensure the impact of all your sound rest is reflected in your Sleep & Readiness Scores


Rest Mode Icon_Rest_Mode__2_.png

  • Receive warnings from Oura anytime your ring detects your body is under excess stress. Turn on Rest Mode to gather recovery guidance tailored to your personal scores and help you tag your symptoms as you monitor your way back to steady health


Automatic Activity Detection + New Location-based Insights

  • Think less about tracking and more about living your best life through active movement. Oura automatically detects over 30 unique activities without you having to lift a finger
    • Go a step further by enabling location services on your Oura app and receive a whole new level of post-activity insights, such as a visual map of your cycling route, the distance you hiked, or split times on your jog


Social Sharing Icon_Share.png

  • Add your Oura Scores and achievements onto your photos to let friends know what’s new with you and your holistic health


*Keep in mind, all original Gen2 features will remain available on Gen2 rings

Future Benefits: Generation 3

We’re enabling a whole new degree of potential, now with Oura Membership.

By purchasing your Oura Ring Generation 3, you automatically become an Oura member. Trial lengths, monthly fees, and lifetime offers for Oura Membership all vary depending on whether you were an existing Generation 2 Oura member, when and how you purchase your Oura Ring Generation 3, among other individualized factors.

By becoming an Oura Member, you gain nonstop access to the Oura app for daily health insights, personalized recommendations, exclusive audio, educational videos, and so much more. However, Oura Membership doesn’t stop there—we’ll continue to share new in-app content with you on a regular cadence and release innovative features that capitalize on the technology and expanded memory Generation 3 brings to the table. Being an Oura Member means we can continually provide you with more value, which is the most exciting difference between our Gen2 and Gen3 offerings. Your future with Oura is rich with possibility, and we’re thrilled to have you as part of our community to begin these phases of discovery together.

Icon_Tip__2_.png For more fine-tuned details on Oura Membership, please visit our Membership FAQs article.

For Active Gen2 Members

Icon_Error__1_.png Keep in mind, if you’re currently a Generation 2 Oura Ring member and decide to stick with your Gen2 ring without upgrading to Gen3, we’ll continue to support your product with routine software and firmware updates. You’ll still have access to the same features currently available on your Gen2 ring*—many of which, we’ve listed above in ‘Everything You Love(d), Still at Your Fingertips.’ However, because there are extensive technological differences between Gen2 and Gen3, as we continue to release new features, many of them may not be available on Gen2 due to limitations in its interior hardware (i.e., sensors, memory, etc.). Please note that the following newly announced features listed in our article here are limited to Gen3 only due to such limitations:

  • Daytime Heart Rate
  • Live Heart Rate
  • Restorative Time
  • Period Prediction
  • Workout Heart Rate
  • Advanced Sleep Staging Algorithm
  • Blood Oxygen Measurement SpO2
  • Guided Audio Sessions, Educational Videos, and Slideshows

*Following the release of Gen3, only unguided sessions will be available as part of Oura’s Moment feature in Gen2 rings. This is because all existing and emerging guided audio offerings from Oura are being merged into the newest expansion of the Oura app, the Explore tab. The Explore tab will house all guided audio, educational videos, and slideshows made possible with our Gen3 technology and Oura Membership that comes coupled with. 

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