How Oura Protects Your Data

At Oura, we take data privacy seriously. Nothing is more important than your health data. Below, we outline how your data is collected for the sake of product functionality and how secure protection is guaranteed according to industry-wide best practices.

How Oura Protects Your Data

Oura on the web uses Spring Security to protect its resources from unauthorized access, which includes encrypted data connections, encrypted and hashed password storage, and the protection of data endpoints.

Oura on the web uses the industry-standard OAuth2 secure authentication protocol to handle authorization of third-party clients. User data is stored securely behind a firewall, and the server is regularly updated with the latest security patches.

Your data is stored according to industry best practices and handled with care and respect. Oura stores users' personal data primarily within the European Economic Area.

How Oura Manages Your Data

Your ring gathers certain physiological signals, such as heart rate, body temperature, and movement. The ring then syncs that data with the Oura app via Bluetooth. Your app data is connected to your Oura account, which you created when first setting up your ring. The Oura app periodically syncs your data with our servers, which are also tied to your Oura account; this is to ensure that your app insights are never lost.

Your data is securely transferred using WiFi or cellular data. The Oura ring, app, and Oura on the web use raw data gathered by the ring to provide you with personalized insights.

Your Data, Stored in One Place

Saving your data under a single account enables you to switch rings and devices without losing your data. Your data is uploaded to our servers so we can offer you the best experience possible.

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