How Oura Protects Your Data

At Oura, we take the protection of your personal data seriously. We understand the nature of our products enables you to track your daily health metrics, lifestyle choices, and quality of sleep—all of which are incredibly personal.  The protection of your individual data is of paramount importance to us for this very reason. Please see our privacy statement for more in-depth information—from which, we provide an overview here.

How Oura Protects Your Data

Oura uses technical and organizational safeguards to keep your data safe and secure. Where appropriate, these safeguards include measures such as anonymization or pseudonymization of personal data, strict access control, and the use of encryption to protect the data we process. 

We also ensure our staff receives adequate training to guarantee personal data is processed only in accordance with our internal policies, consistent with our obligations under applicable law. Oura does not sell or rent your personal information and only shares your personal data with certain trusted service providers so we can provide you with our services and operate our business. Whenever we share data with third-party service providers (e.g., a research partner), we require that they use your information only for purposes you’ve authorized. We also require these service providers to protect your personal information to at least the same standards that we do. Please note that third-party integrations are only enabled with your consent; for example, by opting in to one of our participatory research studies. 

Online services we provide, such as the Oura online store and Oura on the Web, protect your personal data in transit using encryption and other security measures. We also routinely test our services, systems, and other assets for possible security vulnerabilities. We update the Oura app and the ring firmware regularly. We recommend you prioritize always having the latest app and firmware versions installed to maximize the protection of your data.

Your data is stored according to industry best practices and handled with care and respect. Oura’s data privacy practices are maintained in compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To learn more about your data rights enabled through these standards, please see our privacy statement.

How Oura Processes Your Data

Personal data is collected and processed by Oura primarily to provide you with Oura services and app features, such as delivering you with daily insights about your sleep, recovery, and movement. We also process personal data for the sake of providing 1:1 customer service interactions, to further develop our products and services using de-identified data, and to facilitate the completion and delivery of your online purchases. 

Icon_Tip__2_.png Please see our privacy statement for explicit details regarding which data we process and why—from which, we provide an overview of here. 

Location for AAD and Period Prediction

If you access or use any of Oura's location-based services, such as enabling GPS activity tracking through your app (i.e., Location for AAD), Oura will process the approximate or precise location of your device while this service is active. This data may be obtained via your device's service provider network ID, GPS, and/or WiFi data. Oura will never process such location data without obtaining your consent first, nor will it be shared outside of Oura. You can disable such location processing at any time using your device's location permission settings.

If enabled, data gathered by our Period Prediction feature is used to improve the accuracy of personalized period predictions and future iterations of women’s health offerings. This data includes measurements collected by your ring, such as body temperature, and manually submitted information about your cycle. This data is never collected, nor processed, without obtaining your consent first; it will never be shared outside of Oura.

How Oura Manages Your Data

Your ring detects certain physiological metrics, such as heart rate, body temperature, and movement. Your ring then syncs this data with your Oura app via Bluetooth. All your app data is connected to your Oura account, which you created when first setting up your ring. The Oura app periodically syncs your data with Oura on the web (i.e., every ~24 hours) to ensure your app insights are never lost in case your ring is lost, stolen, or you decide to upgrade. We recommend saving your data under a single Oura account so you can switch rings and devices without ever losing your data. Oura uploads your data to our servers (i.e., Oura on the web) to provide you with the best experience possible. 

Oura stores personal data primarily within the geographic region where it is collected. In cases where personal data is processed outside the area it was collected, we always ensure your personal data is protected with appropriate safeguards, in accordance with applicable privacy laws. We also use industry-standard data protection measures to safeguard all international transfers of personal data through data protection agreements with our service providers.


Icon_Tip__2_.png You can find more information about how Oura collects, processes, and shares data in our Privacy Statement.

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