Creating Your Oura Account & Managing Membership

In this article, you’ll find guidance on the following:

Quick steps for creating your Oura account and successful first time sign in

Best practices to incorporate while managing your Oura Membership

Icon_Error__2_.png Please keep in mind that Oura Membership only applies to the Oura Ring Generation 3.

Purchasing your Oura Ring today?

Icon_Tip__1_.png If you’re in the process of purchasing an Oura Ring for the first time, please place your order using the same email address you’d like to use for your Oura account and membership. If you already have an Oura Ring, please use the same email address associated with your current Oura account profile (e.g., in-app).

Purchasing your ring will automatically enroll you in an Oura Membership.

Feel free to come back to this same article once your ring arrives for a helpful refresh.

Already have your Oura Ring?

If you’ve received your Oura Ring in the mail and are ready to get started, below we provide steps for how to jump right in. But first, you’ll need to download the Oura app on your device.

*If by chance, you already have an Oura Ring, but placed your order for an upgrade to our newest model (Gen3) using a different email address than the one associated with your Oura account, please reach out to our team here.

Creating Your Oura Account

Step 1: Formal Oura Account Creation & Verification

Already have an Oura ring and account? Skip to Step 2.

After you’ve installed the Oura app on your device, you’ll be asked for your email. If you do not already have an Oura account, please enter the same email used to place your Oura Ring order.

Icon_Arrow_Right.png Note: This account profile is associated with your app, Oura on the web, and your Oura Membership (i.e., My Account portal, located in the footer of

Next, we’ll send a verification email to you. Please check your mailbox to properly verify your Oura Ring member status and follow all related instructions included in the message. Verification ensures your data is kept secure and that you’ll be able to reset your password if ever needed. Finally, return back to the app and select ‘Continue.’

Step 2: Sign In

Using your now verified email address, you can officially sign in to your Oura app using the same password you created while placing your Oura Ring order. Please select ‘Forget your password?’ if needed, to reset your information.

Once you’ve finished signing in, you’ll be able to connect your new ring following the instructions inside your app and proceed with your educational onboarding to Oura!

Managing Your Oura Membership

You can sign in to view encompassing details of your Oura membership at any time via the My Account portal, located on our website. You can also select the Hamburger Icon_Bars.png menu in the upper left-hand corner of your Home Icon_Home.png tab > Select ‘Settings’ > Scroll to Account. By selecting ‘Manage membership,’ you’ll be redirected to your My Account portal. Beneath ‘Manage membership,’ you’ll see the status of your Membership and how much time is left in your free trial, if applicable to your purchase.

To access your My Account portal manually, for future reference: Please visit > Scroll to the footer > Select ‘My Account’ > Enter your Oura account email. You’ll also receive direct links to access your My Account portal in both the order and shipping confirmation email sent to you following your purchase.

In your My Account portal, you can view details regarding any past or recent purchase(s) and your monthly membership with us.

1. By selecting ‘Order Details’ at the top of the portal, you can view:

Date of purchase(s)

Order number

Order status (e.g., ring size needed, pending approval, ring shipped, ring delivered)

Shipment status of both (1) your sizing kit and (2) your ring, once you officially submit your size. You’ll be able to track the delivery of your ring once it’s officially shipped.

In addition, ‘Order Details’ in your My Account portal is where you’ll go to confirm the size of your Oura Ring—if you’re a recent customer and have completed our sizing process. If you choose to return or exchange your ring during our 30-day policy window, ‘Order Details’ is where you can jumpstart this process as well.

2. By selecting ‘Membership’ at the top of your portal, you can view:

Date your trial membership will end, if applicable

The status of your Oura membership

Next billing date

Authorized payment method

From the ‘Membership’ view in your portal, you can also:

Edit your payment method or add a new one, if your credit card expires

Edit your billing information

*Note: you’ll be notified by the Oura team via email if the credit card being used to support your monthly membership expires.

Cancel your membership, or renew at any time following cancellation

*Keep in mind, all your Oura app data and account information will remain securely saved following cancellation, so when you re-enroll, nothing will be lost. If upon canceling your Oura Membership, you’d like your Oura app and account data to be entirely deleted, please reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to assist.

More on Account Creation

Creating a unified account helps ensure your data is kept safe at all times, and consistent across all Oura systems. The app backs up your data automatically. If you switch to a new device, the Oura app downloads your data from your Oura account to the new device.

Please note that if you intend to switch devices, the new device must use the same operating system as the old device (e.g., iOS to iOS).

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