Create & Manage My Account

You can edit details of your Oura account through the following locations:

  • Oura on the Web (for name, email address, and password)
  • The Settings Icon_Settings.png menu in the Oura App (for height, weight, age, and gender)
  • My Account (for membership, billing, payment types, and orders)

Oura Membership only applies to users of the Gen3 Oura Ring. For more information about Membership, see our FAQs.

How to Manage Account Information
Create Account
Edit Account
Change Email Address
Edit Payments
Return or Exchange
Edit Profile
Reset Password
Account Recovery
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How to Manage Account Information

Create Account

  1. Enter your email address during the checkout process. This will be used as your account login across all of Oura's services

screenshot of the email fields during the checkout process

      • If you received Oura Ring as a gift: your account email address is the one to which sizing/shipping confirmation emails were sent
  1. Download and open the Oura App
  2. Select "Create Account"
  3. Enter the same email used in the checkout process
  4. Create a password
  5. Proceed with the app set up
      • This process will ask you to enter Profile details including height, weight, age, and gender

Edit Account (name, email address, and password)

  1. Log in to Oura on the Web with your Oura account email address and password
  2. Select the profile Icon_Profile.png in the upper right corner > My Account
  3. Under "Account Settings" you can edit name, password, and email

Change your account's email address

  1. Log in to Oura on the Web > Icon_Profile.png profile in upper right corner > My Account > "Account Settings"
  2. Select "+ Add another email address"
  3. Type in your email address > Select "Add"
  4. Locate the verification email in your inbox and select "Verify Your Email"
  5. Log in to Oura on the Web using your newly verified email address
  6. Go to Icon_Profile.png > My Account > Account Settings.
  7. Select "Make Primary" for the newly verified email address

Edit Payments (Oura membership, billing, payment types, and orders)

Use the My Account portal to manage your Oura membership, orders, billing, and payment details.

It can be also accessed from the footer of, or through the Oura App > menu Icon_Bars.png > Settings Icon_Settings.png > "Manage membership."

  1. Go to My Account
  2. Enter your account email address
  3. Click "Submit"
  4. Open the verification email and click the login link
  5. Under "Orders," you can see order numbers and status of past orders, and track shipping
  6. Under "Membership" you can see details of your current membership, cancel or renew your membership, and edit your payment and billing information
      • Note: entering a new email address into your billing information will not update your Oura account's email address

Return or exchange your Oura Ring

You may return your fully functional and undamaged Oura Ring within 30 days of receiving your original order (i.e., on the date of delivery) for a refund or exchange. Under Order in My Account, click on Return or Exchange and follow the instructions. See our Returns & Exchanges FAQs for more information.

Edit Profile (height, weight, age, and gender)

The Oura App will ask for your height, weight, age, and gender during the onboarding process. To edit these details at any time after that:

  1. Open the Oura App
  2. Select the menu Icon_Bars.png in the upper left corner
  3. Select Icon_Profile.png My profile
  4. Edit Date of birth, Weight, Height, or Gender
      • Measurement units (Imperial/metric) can be changed under menu > Settings Icon_Settings.png > Units

Note: If you link your Oura App to a third party app such as Apple Health or Google Fit, your height, weight, age, and gender will be imported from those apps into Oura, and you will not be able to edit them unless you unlink the apps.

Reset Password

You can reset your password by clicking here, or by selecting "Forgot Password" on the Oura on the Web login page.

Forgot password option on login page

Account Recovery

Your Oura account email can be seen in the Oura App > menu Icon_Bars.png > Settings Icon_Settings.png > Account.

If you’re unable to access your account under your existing email, you’ll need to create a new account by submitting a request here.

In your request, please mention that you’ve been unable to reset your password using the steps above and need to create a new account under your existing email. According to standard GDPR and CCPA data privacy policies, Oura cannot verify your identity without confirming your email address.

More Information

Oura on the Web

Oura Membership FAQs

Get Started with the Oura App

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