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This article introduces the newest expansion of the Oura app, the Explore tab.

The Explore tab is only available on the Oura Ring Gen3—currently accessible on iOS and coming soon to Android.

Here's what we'll cover below:

• What It Is 

• How to Use

• Key Benefits

• What's Next 

• Things to Keep in Mind

What's the Explore Tab? 

Explore is your brand new in-app destination for meditation, breathwork, relaxation, focus, and more. It offers a growing multimedia catalog of guided audio content, educational videos, and health and wellness advice from Oura’s leading experts.

Browse over 50 guided audio sessions from Oura’s own world-class instructors and leading partners including Doze, Oak, Aura, Frequency, Yogaia, and more.

Note: All Explore content is only available on the Oura Ring Gen3. If you’ve upgraded from Gen2 to Gen3, all Moment and Sleep Sound content you previously enjoyed has now been merged into the Explore tab (and expanded upon!). If you’re using a Gen2 ring, you’ll still have access to unguided Moments and soundscapes via the + button in the lower right-hand corner of your Home Icon_Home.png tab, as well as Sleep Sounds via the menu Icon_Bars.png in the upper left-hand corner of your Home Icon_Home.png tab.

How to Use the Explore Tab 

1. Select Explore Icon_Explore.png from the bottom-right of your Oura app.

2. Jump into any piece of content with either of the following entries:

Choose a recently played session, or view your full session history by tapping Icon_Session_History__3_.png.

Choose from the full library, which is divided into four categories (Meditate Icon_Moment_Onboarding_2.png, Breathe Icon_Lungs.png, Sleep Icon_Moon.png, Learn Icon_Education.png).

Select any category to find all available content for that section listed. Browse within each category to filter your search and find exactly what your body and mind need in the moment. Tap on any selection to start your session or video.


Icon_Tip__2_.png Keep in mind: any session listed with  Feedback-enabled_Play.png offers post-session biofeedback, such as heart rate variability (HRV), resting heart rate (RHR), and skin temperature variation.

Meditate + Breathe. A curated selection of guided audio and unguided sessions, designed to help you seize the benefit you’re seeking: Unwind for sleep, Reset, Relax, Focus, Energize.


Preview and select different soundscapes to include in the background of your session, or choose to practice without one.


All guided meditation and breathwork sessions have a set length, however you’re welcome to end your session at any point in time. If your selection offers post-session feedback, you’ll need to remain still for at least 5 minutes to receive results after the fact. Your ring and app must also be connected throughout the session duration (e.g., Airplane Mode cannot be enabled). If you move too much during your session, Oura won’t be able to accurately collect your body signals in real-time.

If you’re taking an unguided session, you can choose your desired length: ranging anywhere from 1-180 minutes.


Sleep. A variety of meditations and stories to prepare your body and mind for restful and restorative sleep.


Preview and select different soundscapes to include in the background of your story or meditation, or choose to listen without one. You can control the volume of any selected soundscape separate from the spoken word of your session to find the right balance.

Once you start your story or meditation, you can:

Icon_Arrow_Right.png Pause at any time

Icon_Arrow_Right.png Scrub back and forth through audio using the slider bar

Icon_Arrow_Right.png Skip back and ahead by 15-second intervals

Icon_Arrow_Right.png Control all playback from your device’s lock screen and outside your Oura app. Icon_Tip__2_.png Be sure to not force quit the Oura app while making use of this functionality. 

Learn. Science-backed resources to help you understand key health and wellness concepts + discover behavioral and environmental changes that’ll support you on your path to improved health outcomes.


Choose from related resources at the end of each video to keep learning more ☺

Video sessions include closed captioning

Key Benefits of the Explore Tab 

Science-backed education and guidance. Take an evidence-based approach to learning about sleep, recovery, your body, among other critical wellness topics by exploring our collection of educational content. We’ll share quick tips and advice with you along the way to help you understand your data and make incremental improvements to your health that’ll support you in reaching your long-term goals.

Post-session biofeedback and endless insights. Content shared in Explore’s Meditate and Breathe categories will offer post-session feedback, which can include heart rate variability (HRV), resting heart rate (RHR), and skin temperature variation, depending on the nature of the session. We’ll also share insights with you on how listening to various guided audio impacts your data over time, so you can learn how your body responds and adapts in both the short- and long-term.


Keep in mind, sleep and educational content does not currently feature post-session feedback. We’re continuing to evaluate how to best incorporate biofeedback throughout your Oura experience, so this may change in the future. Feel free to share your feedback with our team here or by giving us a shout on social (@ouraring). 

Your ring and app must be connected during your meditation or breathwork session to receive feedback afterward (e.g., Airplane Mode cannot be enabled). 

Seamless navigation. Find exactly what your body and mind need in the moment with just a few taps. After selecting any of our four categories (Meditate Icon_Moment_Onboarding_2.png, Breathe Icon_Lungs.png, Sleep Icon_Moon.png, Learn Icon_Education.png), you can narrow your search by benefit and intended outcome.

An ever-growing and evolving library. Following the Explore tab’s initial launch, we aim to introduce new content on a monthly cadence. We’ll alert you in-app as soon as new audio sessions and educational resources become available!

+ Engaging in Explore’s variety of sessions can have a positive impact on your sleep quality, nervous system balance, and overall well-being, which may influence your Sleep, Readiness, and Activity Scores over time. Completed meditation and breathwork sessions are automatically tagged and visible from your Trends view. We encourage you to monitor these tags over time so you can make note of any improvements to your Oura data resulting from routine practice.

Coming Soon

A final component of your Explore tab experience will be the introduction of Slideshows, coming to your Oura app in early 2022. Slideshows will be included as part of the Learn Icon_Education.png category. You can think of them as short and simple lessons that span across health and wellness. They’re designed to help you understand behavioral and environmental changes you can make to support improvements to your holistic health. For example, you’ll be able to self-educate on how different elements impact your sleep, such as meal timing, bedroom lighting, temperature, caffeine, sound, or sleeping with a partner; once you learn the basics, we’ll follow up with easy tips that set you up for future success. But that’s just the beginning—as shared above, there’s more to come with Explore as an evolving content library. We’re excited to have you in the Oura community to be of the first to gain access to new in-house content releases!

Things to Keep in Mind

The more guided audio sessions you take and videos you watch, the more you may need to proactively charge your ring. Because the Explore tab employs media like visuals and soundscapes and delivers post-session feedback via the Meditate Icon_Moment_Onboarding_2.png and Breathe Icon_Lungs.png categories, this naturally demands more of your ring's avg. 4-7 day battery life. 

Icon_Tip__2_.png Please check out our article, Charging Your Ring & Best Practices, for quick tips on when to charge your ring for optimal daily battery performance. We generally recommend you get into the habit of charging your ring a little bit each day so it remains in the optimal 40-60% range, helping you avoid ever having to miss out on your Oura data and insights. 

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