Restful Periods

This feature only applies to the Oura Ring Generation 2. It has been replaced by Restorative Time in the Generation 3 ring.

Restful Periods include naps, meditation, and breathing exercises, among other activities. Whenever Oura senses that you're resting, it logs a restful period. Restful Periods can even include laying on the sofa, watching TV, or reading a book.

Restful Periods can be a major complement to your overall recovery and wellbeing and allow your body to repair and recover during the day. Because Oura only tracks one sleep period during each 24-hour segment, Restful Periods are meant to serve as an opportunity to give yourself added time to unwind.

Restful Periods in the Oura App

Oura uses several measurements, including decreased movement and temperature, to detect Restful Periods. Restful Periods aren't taken into account when your Readiness Score is calculated. Rather, they appear in the Oura App in the Home Icon_Home.png tab beneath Activities.

Rest reports include your lowest resting heart rate (RHR Icon_Heart.png), along with your average heart rate variability (HRV Icon_HRV.png), otherwise known as the two key pillars of recovery. Here is how you should expect to see your Restful Periods on the Icon_Home.png tab:


Noticing RHR and HRV scores in your rest reports that resemble those captured during your sleep are positive signals that your Restful Periods are serving you well. Naps and other forms of rest throughout the day can help you relax, reduce fatigue, and increase your alertness. However, be wary of taking naps in the afternoon past 3:00 pm, as these can interrupt or delay your sleep.

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