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The Explore Tab is a growing multimedia catalog on the Oura App, with guided meditation content, educational videos, and health and wellness advice from Oura’s leading experts. Browse over 50 guided audio sessions from Oura’s own world-class instructors and leading partners including Doze, Oak, Aura, Frequency, Yogaia, and more.

How to Use the Explore Tab


  1. Select Explore Icon_Explore.png from the bottom-right of the Oura App
  2. Choose a recently played session, or view your full session history, by tapping Icon_Session_History__3_.png
  3. Choose from the full library, divided into four categories (Meditate Icon_Moment_Onboarding_2.png, Breathe Icon_Lungs.png, Sleep Icon_Moon.png, Learn Icon_Education.png)
  4. Select "See all" on any category to find all available content for that section
  5. Tap on any selection to start your session or video

Sessions with the Feedback-enabled_Play.png icon offer post-session biofeedback, such as heart rate variability (HRV), resting heart rate (RHR), and skin temperature variation.

Meditate and Breathe

Meditate and Breathe sessions can be used with background soundscapes. All guided meditation and breathwork sessions have a set length, which can be ended early. If your selection offers post-session feedback, you’ll need to remain still for at least five minutes to receive results. If you move too much during your session, Oura won’t be able to accurately collect your body signals. Your ring and app must also be connected throughout the session duration (Airplane Mode must be disabled).

If you’re taking an unguided session, you can manually choose any desired length from 1-180 minutes, or choose to do an open-ended session with no time limit. You can start an unguided session by hitting the + button on the home screen or directly from the Meditate library.



This category contains a variety of meditations and stories to prepare yourself for sleep, which can each be used with background soundscapes. Soundscape and spoken word volumes can be adjusted independently.


Once you start your story or meditation, you can:

  • Pause at any time
  • Scrub back and forth through audio using the slider bar
  • Skip back and ahead by 15-second intervals
  • Control all playback from your device’s lock screen and outside your Oura App. Be sure to not force quit the Oura App while your session is playing

Note: Sleep story content is only available in English at this time.



Science-backed education and guidance, with an evidence-based approach to learning about sleep, recovery, and your body. We’ll share quick tips and advice with you along the way to help you understand your data. The end of each video or slideshow includes related resources so you can keep learning more. Video sessions include closed captioning.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Meditate and Breathe content will offer post-session feedback, which can include heart rate variability (HRV), resting heart rate (RHR), and skin temperature variation, depending on the session
  • Your ring and app must be connected during your meditation or breathwork session to receive feedback afterward (Airplane Mode must be disabled)
  • Sleep and Learn content does not currently feature post-session feedback
  • Completed meditation and breathwork sessions are automatically tagged and visible in your Trends view
  • Using Explore Tab content may drain your ring's battery faster than normal. Check out the Charging Your Ring & Best Practices article for quick tips on when to charge your ring for optimal daily battery performance.
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