Refer a Friend Promotion

With our Refer a Friend (formerly known as Tell a Friend) Program, you can share your enthusiasm for Oura with up to five friends or family members using your personal discount code located in the Oura App. The discount is for $50 or €50 off of an Oura Gen3 Heritage and six months of Oura Membership included.

In order to be eligible to participate in Refer a Friend, you must be an active Oura member.

We are currently updating the Refer a Friend program so you may not see it in your Oura App until October 2022.

Occasionally, we work with partners to give you exclusive discounts and gifts when someone buys a ring with your referral code. See below for the latest promotion.

Ra Optics Promotion (August 2–September 16, 2022) – ended

With our Ra Optics partnership, members could share their referral codes between August 2, 2022 through September 16, 2022. If a friend purchases an Oura Gen3 Heritage using the referral code before October 31, 2022, the member is eligible to receive a free pair of premium blue-light-blocking glasses. Members can redeem their free pair of Ra Optics glasses through December 31, 2022.

For more information, visit the Ra Optics page.


Is Refer a Friend the same program as Tell a Friend?

Yes, Refer a Friend is the same program, we’ve just updated the name.

How do I share my discount code?

To find your discount code, go to the menu Icon_Bars.png in the upper left-hand corner of the Home Icon_Home.png tab > Tap "icon_diamond.png Refer a friend Icon_Tell_A_Friend.png" > Select "Share your link."

You’ll be able to see from your in-app Refer a Friend view how many referrals you have left to share. Keep in mind that your discount code can only be redeemed by five people, and note that Refer a Friend offers cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.

How do I get my Ra Optics glasses?

Once one of your friends purchases an Oura Gen3 Heritage with your referral $50/50 discount code, you will receive an email from us with a code and link to a landing page to order your glasses. After placing your order, your glasses should arrive within a couple of weeks – however, shipping dates are not guaranteed.

Can I choose a different style of glasses?

No, the promotion is limited to the Maxwell Sunset glasses only.

Will these glasses fit over my prescription glasses?

It depends on the size of your glasses, but the Maxwell Sunset style is designed to fit over most prescription glasses.

My friend used my referral code but I didn’t receive the email. Can I get another email?

Please contact our Support team.

I lost the code to order glasses. Can I get another one?

Please contact our Support team.

I live outside of the U.S. Will I have to pay import duties or customs fees on the glasses?

No. Ra Optics is handling all shipping, duties, and tax fees.

If my glasses get lost in transit or arrive damaged, what should I do?

Go to Ra Optics Support and click on the Oura section or “Your recent orders.” If that doesn’t resolve your issue, you can email Ra Optics directly.


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