Confirm Your Oura Ring Size

Once you've received your sizing kit and picked a ring size that works best for you, you'll need to update our team so they can ship your Oura Ring.

This article will provide instructions on how to update the size or sizes of your Oura Ring order. Please reference the steps listed below to get started.

Confirm Your Oura Ring Size

1. Visit

2. Click or tap Confirm Your Size.

3. Enter the email from your original order and click Send Login Link.

4. Find the confirmation email Icon_Email.png in your inbox and click Get Started. This will redirect you to your order account portal.

Here, you’ll also be able to view your order date, number, and status. Feel free to save the confirmation email, as you’ll be able to view all future and past orders from this same account portal (assuming the same email address is used).

5. Under Ring Size, click Confirm My Size.

6. The ring style and finish you originally ordered will be displayed here. Choose your size using the drop-down menu.

7. Select Confirm once you’ve entered your ring size. If there are multiple items in your order, you’ll need to update each item in the order with a size before our team can ship them.

Orders will not ship until every item in the order has been confirmed with a size.

8. Once you’ve confirmed your ring size(s), your updated order will be moved to our shipping queue—meaning, our system will begin preparing your order for shipment.

9. You’ll receive a confirmation email Icon_Email.png once your order has left our warehouse. You can expect to see this email roughly 1-2 days after confirming your ring size.

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