What is Moment?

Moment is Oura's mindfulness feature. Use it to meditate, practice mindful breathing, or check in with yourself during a busy day.

To take your Moment, simply tap the plus icon in the lower right-hand corner of the Home tab, and then tap 'Take a moment'.

Choose Your Moment

With several session options, you have the power to make Moment yours.

  • 1. Presence. A mindful meditation session. Clear your mind and sharpen your focus.
  • 2. Rest. Mindful breathing. Give yourself some well-deserved relaxation.
  • 3. Body Status. An unguided check-in. See how you're doing.

Guided vs. Unguided

If you choose Presence or Rest, you have the option to take a Guided or Unguided session.

Guided sessions are accompanied by voice instruction, that guides you throughout your Moment. When taking a Guided session, you also have the option to handpick a soundscape or practice in silence. These sessions are great for those who are new to mindfulness and are interested in learning more about building their practices. Guided sessions last anywhere from 5-10 minutes, depending on your session of choice.

Unguided sessions come without voice instruction. You have the option to choose your duration for these sessions as well. Unguided sessions also allow you to practice with a soundscape or in silence. These are great for those who have been practicing and know their practices and preferences well. These sessions range from 1 - 60 minutes and include an open-ended option as well.

Our Partners, Aura & Oak

Oura has had the good fortune to partner with two leaders in the mindfulness space. Aura and Oak each bring their own expertise to our Moment feature, and allow you to expand your mindfulness practice using their unique instructors and coaching.

Aura is a mobile application for emotional health that provides personalized audio content from the world’s best coaches & therapists. When taking a Presence or Rest session, you can choose from 3 Aura sessions—21 Breaths, Mindful Breathing, or Navigating Stress.

Oak helps users decompress by transforming their meditation practices from experiment into habit. When taking a Presence session, you can choose Oak's Mindful Meditation option. When using Rest, you can choose their Restful Breathing session—a 7-minute series of breathing exercises designed to help you unwind and relax.

What to Expect

Depending on the duration of your session, you can expect to see the following data after you've finished.

  • 1-2 minutes: lowest resting heart rate (RHR).

  • 3-5 minutes: lowest RHR and average heart rate variability (HRV).

  • 5-60 Minutes: full RHR, HRV trends & skin temperature variation (iOS & Android).

Things to Keep in Mind

- Remain still during your Moment to ensure you receive results after your session. Movement may compromise results.

- Daytime RHR and HRV will almost always differ from your nighttime averages. The closer you come to those averages, the more relaxed you are.

- During Moment, Oura doesn't provide values associated with your skin temperature variation. This is designed to encourage you to monitor your trends rather than focus on absolute numbers.

Learn more about Moment using the video below.

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