Charging Your Ring & Best Practices

This article includes information on how to charge your ring, along with answers to frequently asked questions.

If you need to purchase a new charger, please do so here. Please be sure to order the correct charger size relative to the ring size you currently own. To check your ring size, look on the inside of your Oura Ring (listed next to the QR code), or tap the battery icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Oura Home tab and swipe left. It’ll be listed next to “Model and size”, as below.


Charging Your Ring

Your Oura Ring should take anywhere from 20-80 minutes to charge, depending on your battery level.

To charge your ring, connect the USB cord to the charger and plug the USB into a power source (e.g., a laptop, or power brick). Then, place your ring on the charging dock.

The LED light on the charger will begin pulsing after you've set the ring on the dock. When the light stops pulsing, your ring is fully charged. You will receive a push notification when charging is complete.


If the LED light does not illuminate, ensure the charger's cable is properly connected. Double-check that your ring is positioned correctly, ensuring good contact between your ring and the dock.

Still having trouble? Please reference this charger troubleshooting guide.

Best Practices

Oura Ring Battery Expectations

The average length that a fully charged ring will last is 4-7 days. That duration depends on various factors, such as the age of your ring, use of certain ring features (e.g., Moment, Restful Periods), and other factors such as taking one or more naps throughout the day that can result in higher levels of battery consumption.

Keep in mind: batteries are complex and many variables contribute to battery life and performance. All rechargeable batteries are consumables and have a limited lifespan, so their capacity and performance will gradually decline with time.

Suggested Battery Level for Optimization

We recommend keeping your battery above 40%. Charging the battery a bit each day is a good habit to adopt; jump to the section below titled “Best Times to Charge Your Ring” for some quick tips here.

Prevent Damage to Your Battery

Certain factors may lead to battery damage. They are listed below.

  • Leaving the battery fully charged (on the charger) for a period of time greater than one week. Charging while at maximum capacity for extended periods of time can shorten battery life substantially.
  • • Long exposure to extreme temperatures (hot/freezing).
  • • Allowing your ring’s battery to reach 0% can affect its longevity.

If you suspect damage has occurred, or you've noticed a drain in the battery, please submit a request here. Our team will be in touch as soon as time allows.

Best Times to Charge Your Ring

We generally suggest that Oura users keep their charger handy, such as in a purse, briefcase, backpack, etc. so they can charge their ring a little bit each day while doing something sedentary. Because the charger USB cord easily connects to a laptop or desktop computer, your ring can be seamlessly charged while working, watching a show, or browsing the internet. 

Other ideal times to charge your ring may be during meal times, and especially while cooking or eating dinner to ensure you have sufficient battery level before going to bed later that night.

Ensure Your Ring is Charged Before Bed

It’s important that your ring be charged to at least 25% before going to bed (although we recommend keeping it at 40% or above daily), which is why employing some of the strategies listed above may be beneficial. If your ring is not charged to at least 25% prior to bed, you’ll miss out on your sleep data and analysis for the night. Keep in mind that if this occurs, you’ll still receive a bedtime and wake-up time, but no Sleep or Readiness Score, and no further breakdown of your sleep stages, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, or resting heart rate. The image below serves as an example of what you might see on your Home tab if you went to bed with an insufficient ring battery level.


Consider getting into the habit of charging your ring a little bit each day so you’ll never have to miss out on personalized insights from Oura when you wake-up.

Taking a Break from Wearing Your Ring?

If you plan on taking a break from wearing your ring, we recommend placing your ring in Power Saving Mode before storing it to protect the battery capacity from deteriorating. For more information on how to properly store your ring to preserve your battery health, please reference this article.

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