Upgrading from Gen2 to Gen3

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Below, you'll find pre- and post-purchase details for those upgrading from an Oura Ring Generation 2 to an Oura Ring Generation 3.

In Part I, we cover key items to keep top of mind if you currently have a Gen2 ring and are looking to upgrade to Gen3. This is pre-purchase material. 

 In Part II, we cover steps to take once you've successfully placed your Gen3 order and your ring has arrived in the mail. This is post-purchase material.

Icon_Error__2_.png Keep in mind, Gen3 rings began shipping on November 15th, 2021 and though delivery estimates are ~1-2 weeks after you've officially confirmed your ring size with us and received a shipment confirmation, shipping timelines are subject to change due to high demand with our newest product release. 

Part I: How Do I Upgrade from Gen2 to Gen3? 

If you currently own an Oura Ring Generation 2 and are planning to upgrade to the new Oura Ring Generation 3, please be sure to use the personalized discount link we shared with you both in-app and via email (just in case you don't see your in-app notification). If you purchase an Oura Ring Gen3 without your personalized link, you will not receive the discount. Keep in mind, all hardware discounts made available to Gen2 owners who decide to upgrade to Gen3 are unique and dependent on how recently they purchased their Gen2 ring. Your personalized link to upgrade will expire on November 29th, 2021, so please be sure to take advantage of it before it expires!

Keep in mind, all current Generation 2 members are eligible for a Lifetime Oura Membership, which is also why it's essential to use your personalized discount link when upgrading to Generation 3. In sum, if you have an active Oura account, made prior to October 26th, 2021 or purchased your Gen2 ring anytime between October 26th and April 20th, 2021—your Oura Membership for Gen3 will remain free if you decide to upgrade.  

To learn more about Lifetime Membership, please visit us here. Your Lifetime Oura Membership offer should be reflected during your checkout process if you follow the steps shared above. Please place your Gen3 order using the same email address associated with your current Oura account.

Part II: Transferring Oura Data from Gen2 to Gen3

If you've recently replaced or upgraded your Oura Ring Gen2 with Gen3, please follow along below to get set up with your new ring (once it's arrived!). Icon_Error__2_.png Keep in mind, you cannot use two Oura Rings on the same device, nor use two Oura Rings under the same account. If you want to use two Oura Rings simultaneously, you'll need two separate devices and two separate Oura accounts. 

Icon_Tip__1_.png Tip: In case you’ve purchased the same model and finish as your prior ring and are looking to identify which ring is which, you can follow the steps outlined below. Keep in mind, the setup process in your Oura app will also help you identify if the ring you're pairing is Gen2 or Gen3. You can also look at the inner band of each ring—the Oura Ring Generation 3 will have 'Gen3' listed above the ring size (next to the QR code). 

1. Place one of your rings on its charger, then check your Oura app to see whether or not charging is actively taking place.

2. Once you’ve established a charging connection, tap the battery icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Home Icon_Home.png tab and swipe left. You'll find its generation listed beneath 'Model and size,' directly below the image of your ring.

3. Repeat for your other ring.

Before Getting Started

1. Ensure you’re in a location with stable internet connection.

2. Ensure your old ring has been charged to at least 50%.
To view your battery percentage, tap the spinning Icon_Ring_Battery.png ring in the upper right-hand corner of the Home Icon_Home.png tab.

3. Back up all existing Oura data on your old ring. Go to the hamburger Icon_Bars.png menu in the upper left-hand corner of your Home Icon_Home.png tab > Select Settings Icon_Settings.png > Back up all data. 

Factory Reset Your Old Ring & Connect Your New Ring

Steps for iOS and Android

1. Place your old ring on the charger and ensure it’s charging.

2. Open the Oura app and tap the spinning ring Icon_Ring_Battery.png in the upper right-hand corner of the Home Icon_Home.png tab.

3. Swipe left.

4. Scroll down to 'Tools' and tap 'Set up new ring.'


Steps for iOS Only: 

*If you’re on Android, please scroll down to ‘Steps for Android Only’.   

5. Please select the option to ‘Factory reset current ring’. Leave your old ring on its charger until the factory reset is complete. 

Icon_Tip__1_.png Note: if your old ring is lost or no longer functional, you can skip the factory reset and proceed with ‘Set up a new ring instead’.


Steps for Android Only: 

5. You’ll see an intro screen to your new ring setup process. If your old ring is lost or no longer functional, you can still proceed pairing your new one. 


Follow the instructions to factory reset your old ring. Please leave your old ring on its charger until the factory reset is complete.

Icon_Tip__1_.png Note: if your old ring is lost or no longer functional, you can skip the factory reset.


Final Steps for iOS and Android: 

6. Once your factory reset is complete, take your old ring off the charger and place your new ring on the charger. If you skipped the factory reset, proceed with placing your new ring on the charger. Select ‘Setup new ring’ to pair your new ring and app.

Icon_Tip__1_.png Keep in mind, both Oura Ring Gen2 and Gen3 chargers are compatible with either ring generation. However, the Gen3 charger includes a new red-green-blue (RGB) LED to help communicate its charging status to you. This color functionality is not supported when charging a Gen2 ring on a Gen3 charger. If you're using a Gen3 charger, the LED will blink blue to indicate your ring is ready to be paired. You can learn more about how to use your Gen3 charger here


If your new and old ring are both connected to your device and you don't see your Generation 3 ring appear, please tap 'This is not my ring'. From there, you can select the option with 'Generation 3' listed. *See second image as a reference. 



What to Do With Your Old Ring

Once you’ve completed a factory reset of your old ring, you’re free to pass it along to a friend or family member if it’s still in quality condition. To transfer your previous Oura Ring to a new user, follow the instructions outlined in this article. However, if you choose not to give away your previous Oura Ring, we ask that you please repurpose it for sustainability sake ☺.  

Having Trouble Connecting?

If you experience difficulty connecting your new ring, we have these two resources available depending on your device type:

Trouble Connecting (iOS)

Trouble Connecting (Android)

4. Once your new ring has been detected, select ‘Connect’ > ‘Pair’ with your device.

Last but Not Least—Update Your New Ring

Before your get started with your new Oura Ring Gen3, let’s make sure it’s fully up to date.

1. Place your new ring on its charger.

2. Follow along in-app and select ‘Update’ firmware.

Icon_Tip__1_.png Keep your device close to your ring until the firmware is entirely complete.

If you encounter any difficulties while updating your firmware, please check out this troubleshooting article for tips on how to successfully complete your update. If for any reason, you’re still unable to update your firmware after going through each of our tips, you can reach out to our team here. We’ll be happy to lend a hand.

Get Started With Your New Gen3 Ring!

1. Once your firmware update is complete, select ‘Get started’ to sync all your previous Oura data onto your new ring. Once your data sync is complete, you’ll be able to explore all your new Gen3 features directly from your Home Icon_Home.png tab. You can get a quick overview of what’s offered in your new Gen3 ring by checking out this article. We also recommend this article as a resource to utilize while getting started with your brand new product—here, we offer tips and best practices for caring for your Oura Ring.

Tap the hamburger Icon_Bars.png menu in the upper left-hand corner of your Home Icon_Home.png tab > then, select Settings Icon_Settings.png to view your Oura account and Membership details—listed beneath 'Account'. If you took advantage of your lifetime eligibility offer as a previous Oura member, you’ll see this reflected here. To learn more about your new Oura Membership that comes coupled with your Gen3 ring, please visit our FAQ.

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