Upgrading from Gen2 to Gen3

Below, you'll find details for upgrading from an Oura Ring Generation 2 to an Oura Ring Generation 3. To set up your new Gen3 ring and transfer your Oura data over to it, check out this article.

Icon_Error__2_.png Keep in mind, Gen3 rings began shipping on November 15th, 2021 and though delivery estimates are ~1-2 weeks after you've officially confirmed your ring size with us and received a shipment confirmation, shipping timelines are subject to change due to high demand with our newest product release.

How Do I Upgrade from Gen2 to Gen3?

If you currently own an Oura Ring Generation 2 and are planning to upgrade to the new Oura Ring Generation 3, please be sure to use the personalized discount link we shared with you both in-app and via email (just in case you don't see your in-app notification). If you purchase an Oura Ring Gen3 without your personalized link, you will not receive the discount. Keep in mind, all hardware discounts made available to Gen2 owners who decide to upgrade to Gen3 are unique and dependent on how recently they purchased their Gen2 ring. Your personalized link to upgrade will expire on November 29th, 2021, so please be sure to take advantage of it before it expires!

Keep in mind, all current Generation 2 members are eligible for a Lifetime Oura Membership, which is also why it's essential to use your personalized discount link when upgrading to Generation 3. In sum, if you have an active Oura account, made prior to October 26th, 2021 or purchased your Gen2 ring anytime between October 26th and April 20th, 2021—your Oura Membership for Gen3 will remain free if you decide to upgrade.  

To learn more about Lifetime Membership, please visit us here. Your Lifetime Oura Membership offer should be reflected during your checkout process if you follow the steps shared above. Please place your Gen3 order using the same email address associated with your current Oura account.

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