Purchase an Additional Charger

Every Oura Ring purchase comes with a charging dock and power cord included. If you've lost or broken your original charger set, you can reach out to our team here to purchase a new one. Due to current manufacturing constraints and limited supply, we can only sell new chargers under necessary circumstances—such as charger misplacement or malfunctioning that would otherwise prevent you from being able to use your ring

Multiple charger sets are not available for purchase at the moment. If you're interested in buying multiple chargers for convenience sake or for an expanded group, please know we may not be able to fulfill these requests for the time being. 

Please note that we only sell full charger sets, not individual cables or charging docks. As with the charging set that's included with the purchase of an Oura Ring, you'll need to use your own power source (i.e., a laptop) to connect to the charging cable.

How to Find Your Ring Size

Don't forget to check your Oura Ring size before purchasing a charger to be sure you order the correct size relative to your ring. To check your ring size, look on the inside of your Oura Ring to find it displayed next to the small QR code, or tap the battery Icon_Ring_Battery.png icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Home Icon_Home.png tab and swipe left. You'll find it listed to the right of Model and size, directly beneath the image of your ring.

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