The Oura Heritage Gold Ring

The Heritage Gold Ring is a limited release addition to our existing styles of Gen 2 Oura Rings. It leverages the exact same Heritage design, function, and performance—except with a sleek, scratch-resistant gold-colored finish. At the moment, the gold finish is not available in the Balance design.

The Heritage Gold Ring retails at $399 (€419) and can be purchased directly from our online store. It’s available in sizes 6-13, until supplies last.


Our Heritage Gold ring is covered under the same 2-year warranty policy as all other Oura Rings. Warranty replacements for the Heritage Gold Ring are taken from the normal flow of goods.

If you recently purchased an Oura Ring, have received it within the past 30 days, and would like to exchange it for Heritage Gold, our standard Return Policy and guidelines apply. To start an exchange, please contact our team by submitting a request here. Please note: price differences may apply, depending on the price of your original model.

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