Options for Purchasing an Oura Ring

On Our Site

As of now, the Oura Ring can only be securely purchased through our website. Please visit us here to purchase an Oura Ring.

Keep in mind that Oura Rings are not sold through third-party websites or in retail stores, aside from the Elisa Kulma store in Helsinki, Finland which is linked below.

If this is your first time purchasing an Oura Ring, we recommend choosing the 'Free Sizing Kit' option prior to checkout. More information on the sizing kit process can be found in this article. If you've purchased an Oura Ring in the past and already know your Oura Ring size, feel free to select the 'Choose Your Size Manually' option prior to checkout.

In Finland

A limited selection of rings is also available for purchase at the Elisa Kulma store in Helsinki, Finland. If you're in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by!

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