How Long Does the Oura Ring Battery Last?

On average, the Oura Ring battery lasts 4-7 days. And when it comes time to charge your ring, the Oura app will provide you with a helpful reminder when your battery level is low. A full charge can take anywhere from 20-80 minutes.

Charging your ring a bit each day (e.g., while brushing your teeth) is a great habit to adopt, and it will ensure you're never left on red. To check your Oura Ring's battery level, tap the Ring Icon_Ring_Battery.png in the upper right-hand corner of the Home Icon_Home.png tab.

More charging tips can be found in this article.

Things to Keep in Mind

Because everyone uses Oura in their own way, battery life differs from user to user. One feature that demands more from your Oura Ring is Moment Icon_Moment.png. Those who meditate or practice mindful breathing each day using Moment will need to charge their rings with more frequency. Taking a nap or multiple throughout the day may also cause your battery to drain faster than the average user’s. This is because your ring will be looking to calculate your sleep data while you rest, which otherwise wouldn’t occur during daytime hours.

Other factors, such as completing a firmware update, will use up more battery than usual. Having a ring that fits your finger well will result in better signal processing between the PPG sensors inside the ring and your skin, thereby requiring less power. We recommend switching fingers if the finger you’re currently using doesn’t allow your ring to feel snug enough. Switching fingers will not have an impact on your data quality or accuracy.

Tips on How to Conserve Battery Life 

Most consumer batteries lose capacity over time due to charge/discharge cycling. One way to conserve battery is by using Airplane Mode Icon_Airplane_Mode.png. This mode is particularly handy if you find yourself traveling, or without your charger. Check out our article Charging Your Ring & Best Practices for more tips on how to optimize your battery's performance. 

If you're experiencing issues with your battery, please reach out to us here.

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