Promotional Discounts

Our Black Friday discount has been extended through Monday, November 29th. This is now available on our website. The offer includes a discount of $50 off of all Gen3 Oura Rings, along with a 6-month free trial of our Oura Membership. To learn more, please visit our website.

Currently, Oura doesn’t provide discounts for everyday purchases. We do, however, offer discounts through timely promotions or advertisements. These may include seasonal pop-ups on our website, discount codes shared via our mailing list, or links made accessible on social media. 

You may see these more readily during promotional or holiday periods, which is why we encourage you to sign-up for our newsletter and keep up to date with us on social (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn). You can sign-up for our newsletter by going to > scrolling to the footer > entering your full email address into the form located in the left-hand corner > selecting Icon_Arrow_Right.png

Icon_Tip__1_.png Keep in mind: if you were previously a Gen2 Oura Ring member and have decided to upgrade to the new Oura Ring Gen3, all discounts and offerings are personalized and will vary depending on how recently you purchased your Gen2 ring and if you take advantage of your exclusive window to upgrade. Note that all current Oura Ring Gen2 owners are eligible for a Lifetime Oura Membership if they decide to upgrade to Gen3 by November 29th, 2021 using the personalized discount link shared with them both in-app and via email. If you're a current Gen2 owner and haven't received an email or notification regarding your offer, please reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to assist.

Icon_Error__2_.png Please note: Oura no longer has an affiliate program. Promotional discounts available and shared during select periods cannot be combined with multiple discounts, or Tell a Friend offers. 

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