Invite Group Members in Oura Teams

To invite members to join an Oura Team, first click 'Groups' in the left-hand menu of the Oura Teams page.


For the group you wish to invite members, click the ellipses, and select 'Manage Members'.


Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Invite New Member'. Enter the member's email address and name and click 'Invite'.


Alternatively, you can send members whom you wish to invite a link. This is the better option if you're planning on inviting a large number of new group members.

This link will take members directly to a webpage where they can accept terms and join your group. This invite link can be enabled or disabled at any time by admins.


New members will receive an email asking them to share their data and accept terms. If they choose to accept, they will be directed to to login. Once they've completed these steps, they will appear in your group list.

Team Administrators will receive an email notifying them of every new user added to the group.

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