Oura Partners With the NBA and WNBA

Oura is excited to announce partnerships with both the NBA and WNBA—two leading organizations dedicated to the health and safety of their players and staff.

This article addresses common questions about these partnerships.

Why is Oura partnering with the NBA and WNBA?

Oura is partnering with these leagues to help ensure that the health and safety of players and staff remain the number one priority during their returns to the court. Oura’s goal is to help these leagues make more informed decisions during their returns and should be viewed as a supplement to testing and other safety protocols, not a replacement or standalone tool.

How is Oura partnering with the NBA and WNBA?

Drawing on significant advancements in research, and its long-standing Oura Teams product, Oura has developed the Health Risk Management (HRM) platform to help support these leagues' safety protocols.

This platform assigns a unique Risk Score to participating players and staff members. This score indicates the likelihood that an individual is experiencing symptoms that correlate with illness.

How is the Risk Score calculated?

Risk Scores are determined using factors such as meaningful changes in a user’s body temperature, respiratory rate, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability—which may indicate if an individual is experiencing symptoms correlated with illness.

Is the Health Risk Management platform voluntary for players and staff?

Yes. To protect the privacy of participants, HRM is designed to be opt-in only. Players and team personnel can ask to be removed from the program at any time.

Is Health Risk Management available to all Oura users?

The Health Risk Management (HRM) product is only available to certain organizations at this time.

That said, the Oura Ring and app can be used to monitor your health trends. To read more about tracking illness and symptoms using Oura, check out this article.

What other organizations are Oura partnering with?

To date, Oura has partnered with major research institutions, including the University of California, San Francisco, and West Virginia University, to equip thousands of frontline healthcare workers with Oura Rings and contribute to the growing body of research on health risk management. 

Can my organization partner with Oura?

To learn more about partnership opportunities with Oura, please email partnerships@ouraring.com

Where can I access more information on these partnerships?

For more information on these partnerships, please read our blog posts on both the NBA and WNBA partnership.

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