What Is the Weekly Report?

When Is It Delivered? 

At the beginning of each week, Oura delivers stats on your key Readiness, Sleep, and Activity metrics.

  •  For the Weekly Report to appear, you must have data from the previous night. In addition, you will have needed to wear your Oura ring for at least 2 weeks in total.
  • The Weekly Report appears 2 hours after you’ve woken up.

For each metric, you're provided with your weekly average. There’s also a trend chart showing the past week’s values for each day.

What does the report contain?

Here’s what’s included in the Weekly Report:


  • Readiness Score
  • Resting heart rate
  • Heart rate variability


  • Sleep Score
  • Total sleep time
  • Wake-up time (wake-up time trend for the past week, no average values)


  • Activity Score
  • Activity goal completion
  • Inactive time


Where is my Weekly Report? 

You can access your Weekly Report card at the top of the Oura home tab. The card will appear on the first day of your week.


You can also revisit past week’s reports in the home view. Weekly Report cards remain in your timeline of days.

Can I Disable Weekly Report notifications?  

By default, you’ll be notified when the Weekly Report is available. You can remove these notifications in the Oura app settings.

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