Does Oura Account for Time Zone Changes?

Yes, your Oura Ring will synchronize to your device’s local time once your ring and Oura app connect over Bluetooth in the new time zone you’ve entered. To ensure your ring is updated to your local time zone, first check that Bluetooth is actively enabled on your device and that your device's operating system is up to date. If your Bluetooth was previously disabled, turning it back on should reestablish connection and allow for a resync.

Your ring and app will sync daily as long as a proper Bluetooth connection remains active—meaning, you won't go more than 24 hours without time zone changes being accounted for by Oura if a proper connection is established. If you're experiencing connection problems between your ring and app, please visit our relevant articles for iOS and Android devices. 

If your trip to another time zone is a short one, you can always choose to place your ring on Airplane Mode Icon_Airplane_Mode.png. Enabling this mode will allow you to postpone syncing your ring to the app until you return to your original time zone. Your ring will continue to collect data after you’ve enabled Airplane Mode Icon_Airplane_Mode.png and can do so for up to 7 days at a time without having to reenable it. 

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