Optimizing Your Ring Battery Using an Android Device

If you're using a Pixel, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei, or Samsung S9, S10, S8 device, and your ring doesn't connect to the app, please check the phone’s settings or refer to device's manual to ensure that battery optimization settings are not causing connection issues.

Huawei users: If you're using a Huawei device and your ring doesn't connect to the app, please do the following: Go to your mobile device settings > Battery > Launch > Oura > Manage manually > check all boxes.

OnePlus users: Go to phone settings > Battery > Battery optimization and switch to the All apps list (Top menu) > Oura > Don’t optimize. Also disable Settings > Battery > Battery optimization > (three dots) > Enhanced optimization. This option may also be called Advanced optimization (OnePlus 6).

Samsung S9/S10 users: Battery optimization is turned on by default. The settings may also sometimes revert back to the defaults (e.g. during updates), forcing you to turn them off again and again. Go to Settings > Sleeping apps and: Disable Put unused apps to sleep. Disable Auto-disable unused apps. Remove Oura from the list of sleeping apps. Disable background restrictions for Oura.

Samsung S8 users: Open the Settings > Device maintenance > Battery and at the bottom you’ll see a list of your most frequently used apps. You can manage apps individually or in a group by selecting them then tapping the Save power button. Apps that are sleeping will appear in the Sleeping apps list at the bottom (tap it to expand the list). Scrolling further — all the way to the very bottom — and you’ll find Unmonitored apps. These are apps that you specifically want to exclude (white list) from App power monitor.

Xiaomi users: Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery manager > Power plan set to Performance. Device Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery Manager > Protected apps – Oura needs to be Protected. Device Settings > Apps > Oura > Battery > Power-intensive prompt and Keep running after screen off. Settings > Additional Settings > Battery & Performance > Manage apps’ battery usage and here: Switch Power Saving Modes to Off and Choose the next options: Saving Power in The Background > Choose apps > select Oura > Background Settings > No restrictions. Finally, go to Security > Battery > App Battery Saver > Oura > No restriction.

Pixel users: There’s a special option in Settings > Apps > Oura > Advanced > Battery > Background restrictions, as well as Settings > Apps > Oura > Advanced > Battery > Battery optimization - Oura - Choose Not optimized.

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