Oura's Google Fit Integration

Start pulling your workout data from Google Fit, and import it straight into the Oura app.

On Android, you can now link your Oura account to Google Fit during the app setup, or in the app settings.

Note: Google Fit integration is opt-in only.

Once linked, data flows from the Oura app to Google Fit, and from Google Fit to the Oura app.
Specify your data-sharing preferences from the ‘Settings’ menu nested within the '≡' menu on the Home Screen.


What is Exported/Imported?

Oura’s Google Fit integration permits bi-directional data flow between the Oura app, Google Fit, and 3rd party apps connected to Google Fit.

Per your specification, the Oura app will:


  •     - Personal Information: Height & Weight
  •     - Sleep Measurements: Bedtime, Wake Time, Sleep Duration, Nightly Resting Heart Rate


  •     - Personal Information: Height & Weight
  •     - Workout Details: Activity Type, Start Time, Duration, Calories

The Oura app will automatically import workouts from Google Fit, and use these workouts to calculate your activity and recovery.

How it Works

The import functions by detecting new workouts in Google Fit. Once the Oura app detects a workout, it will add it as a manual activity to your ‘Activity’ section of the Oura app. With this import function, you can also get credit for workouts you did when you weren’t wearing your Oura ring.

To export your Oura data to Google Fit, you must first open the Oura app to initiate the sync with Google Fit. Note: You cannot sync your Google Fit data without opening the Oura app.

Strive to establish your perfect balance between activity & recovery, and give yourself a more complete view of your health and wellness by integrating Google Fit.


Want more? Check out these Google Fit FAQs.  

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