Google Fit FAQs

Is Oura compatible with Google Fit?

Yes, on Android, Oura is now compatible with the Google Fit app. Start importing your workout data straight into the Oura app. App Version required: 2.8.0 or later.


Can I export workout data from the Oura app to Google Fit?

Workout data cannot be exported from the Oura app to Google Fit. Workout data is only imported from Google Fit to the Oura app. 


Can I delete workout data in the Oura app?

Workout data must be deleted within the app that originally generated the workout entry. This could be either the Google Fit app or the partner app linked to Google Fit. Note: Only for workouts on the current day.


Can Moment data can be exported from the Oura app?

At this time, you are unable to export Moment data to the Google Fit app; however, our team is currently exploring the possibility, so stay tuned!


Learn more about Oura's Google Fit integration here.

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