Notifications Not Working

If you're not receiving inactivity alerts or notifications for battery level, check that the following apply:

  • - The Oura app is running in the background. If you close or force quit the app, notifications won't show.
  • - Your phone's Bluetooth is enabled. Note: if you use your phone in battery saving mode, it can have an effect on Bluetooth connections.
  • - You've given Oura permission to send notifications also in your phone's notification settings.
  • - Your ring and the Oura app have successfully synced at least once during the day.

If you still don't see the notifications, please try the following:

  • - Toggle notification settings off and on in the Oura app settings.
  • - Switch your phone's Bluetooth off and on.
  • - Restart your phone.
  • - Note that your ring and phone need to be close enough each other for inactivity and battery notifications to work (within the Bluetooth range).
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