Restless Sleep


Oura analyzes your sleep quality and quantity by measuring your resting heart rate, body temperature, and movement. 

Why am I seeing awake time in the app even though I know I was asleep?

If you're a restless sleeper, and your ring detects a lot of movement or spikes in your resting heart rate, some of your sleep time can be shown as awake time.   

Excessive tossing and turning can be visible in your daily movement or your resting heart rate graphs, as seen in the following examples of one specific night:

Example 1: Excessive movement caused by restless sleep starting at about 11.30 PM

Example 2: Spikes in resting heart rate caused by restless sleep

Example 3: Excessive movement shown as awake time

Example 4: Nighttime movement in raw 1-minute accelerometer data


Note: to make sure that you get the most accurate data on your movement and heart rate, check that the sensor bumps of your ring are always on the palm side of your finger, and that the ring sits on your finger snugly yet comfortably enough. If your ring feels too loose, try wearing it on a different finger.

What can I do if my sleep is restless?

Restless sleep has many possible causes, many of which are tied to our daily routines and habits. If you have trouble falling asleep or suffer from constant wake-ups or nighttime insomnia, try some Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques

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