Mindfulness and Relaxation Methods

Mindfulness and relaxation methods can improve overall well-being, support lifestyle changes, increase sleep quality, and bring balance to your life. 

A positive mindset, increased self-compassion, more restorative sleep, and increased energy levels are often connected with mindfulness and relaxation practices.


Mindfulness focuses your thoughts on living, experiencing, and accepting the present. Positive mindfulness techniques can be used to help with both physical and mental stress.

Mindfulness techniques can be as simple as focusing on your senses and being more spatially aware. For example, eating can be done mindfully by focusing on the taste and texture of the food, while allocating enough time to comfortably finish your meal.

Oura’s Moment feature is a great way of practicing mindfulness. You can pause your busy day, and let your body give you a status update.

Learn more about the Moment Feature here

Progressive Muscle Relaxation 

Progressive Muscle Relaxation is the action of relaxing and tensing specific muscles. This technique can help you learn to control your physical/mental stress levels and can decrease anxiety.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are a simple and effective way to prevent and reduce stress.

Autogenic Training

In autogenic training, you focus your thoughts on specific muscle groups. The aim is to periodically relax the whole body, one muscle group at a time.

Remember: Mindfulness is not labeling things - mindfulness is accepting your experiences as they are and persevering. 

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