Personalize Your Moment

Find a convenient location, and check in on your body with Moment. Each session delivers accurate, on-demand heart rate and HRV insights that you can compare to your nighttime averages to see how your body is doing at any time of the day.

Choose your moment from the following options: 


‘Presence’ is Moment’s mindful meditation session to help concentrate your energy on the present. This session calms the body and mind - bringing you back to your own reality.   


A ‘Rest’ session focuses on restful breathing. Give your body some well deserved relaxation, and see how it’s doing after.  

Body Status

Listen to your body with the ‘Body Status’ Moment option. A ‘Body Status’ is an unguided check-in. Give your body time to update you without having to do a breathing or meditation session. 

Additional Resources 

If you’re interested in learning more about the positive effects of taking a Moment, check out this article

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