Introducing Moment

Find a time and place that works for you, and take a Moment with Oura.

By taking a Momentyou give your body a chance to update you on its current state. Learn how to start your Moment with the Oura Support video below: 

Depending on your session’s duration, you’ll see the following data.

  1. ) 1-2 Minutes: Lowest resting heart rate (RHR)
  2. ) 3 Minutes: Lowest RHR and average heart rate variability (HRV)
  3. ) 5-60 Minutes: Full RHR and HRV trends
  4. ) Open-Ended Session: 1-180 minutes. Heart rate and HRV according to timed sessions above. Full Resting Heart Rate and HRV trends after 5 minutes.

Comparing Data with Nighttime Averages

In the 'Moment Session Details' view, you can compare your session trends with your nighttime averages. This is a great way to evaluate how you’re doing during the day. 

Comparing Session Data

HR and HRV can also vary according to the time of day. If you can, try to keep your Moment conditions constant. For example, taking your Moment at the same time and place each day. 

Note: Heart rate and HRV are highly personal, so don’t compare your readings and trends with those of others. Your body is unique and so are your Oura trends.

Learn more Oura’s Moment feature with these FAQs.

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