Moment FAQs

This article contains answers to frequently asked questions on Moment, Oura's mindfulness and meditation feature.

How does Oura measure daytime resting heart rate and heart rate variability? 

Oura measures your blood pulse volume via the palmar arteries in your finger. Using this measurement, Oura can derive your resting heart rate and heart rate variability.

Can I move while using Moment?

Measurement accuracy is optimal when you sit or lie still. Moment is designed for tracking on-demand daytime resting heart rate and heart rate variability and requires stillness to obtain the right pulse measurements.

Can I use another audio app while using Moment?

Yes. In the Moment Session Setup view, select an open-ended session and choose 'In Silence' as your soundscape. Launch your Moment session, and then launch your audio app of choice after doing so.

Does my ring need to be connected to my app while using Moment? 

The ring and app do not need to be connected during your session. To view results from your Moment, please sync the ring and app upon completing your session.

Will using Moment impact my Readiness, Activity, and Sleep scores?

Taking a Moment can have a positive impact on your sleep quality and overall wellbeing. As a result, taking a Moment can positively influence your Sleep, Readiness, and Activity scores.

Why did I receive an error message?

Receiving an error message after taking a Moment typically means that you may have been moving a little too much. If you'd like, try another session, and do your best to remain still.

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