Moment FAQs

Check out these FAQs to get to know Oura's Moment Feature

How does Oura measure daytime RHR and HRV? 

Oura measures your blood pulse volume via the palmar arteries in your finger. From this measurement, Oura calculates your RHR and HRV.

Can I move while using Moment?

Taking a Moment can decrease your stress levels, improve the quality of your sleep, and help you feel more energetic and focused. Measurement accuracy is optimal when you sit or lie still. The Moment feature is designed for tracking on-demand daytime resting HR and HRV and requires stillness to obtain the necessary pulse measurements. 

Can I use another audio app while using Moment?

Yes you can. In the 'Moment Session Setup' view, choose an 'Open-Ended Session' and select 'In Silence' as your soundscape. First, launch your Moment session. Then, launch your preferred audio app. 

Does my ring need to be connected to my app while using Moment? 

The app prompts your ring to start measuring heart rate and HRV via Bluetooth. After the session, your results are synced to the app. However, the ring and app do not need to be connected during your session.

If I use Moment, will I notice changes in my Readiness, Activity, and Sleep scores?

Taking a Moment can have a positive impact on your sleep quality and overall wellbeing. In turn, this impact can positively influence your Sleep, Readiness, and Activity scores. 

Why did I get an Error Message? 

Receiving an error message after taking a Moment means that you may have been moving a little too much for the ring to accurately measure your daytime HR and HRV.  Try another session, while remaining completely still. 

How long can I use Moment to track my HR and HRV daily?

You can take as many sessions as you wish; however, pulse measuring consumes the ring’s battery much more rapidly than normal use, so the battery could run out during a session. Ensure your ring is charged up before a longer session(s).

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