Can I Transfer My Oura Account Data Between Devices?

I received a new phone recently, will my old Oura data show up on my new phone?

The Oura app supports transferring your account from one device to another. In order for your previous account data to be visible on your new device, the devices must be of the same operating system (e.g. iOS & iOS).

Can I transfer my Oura account from iOS to Android or vice versa?

If you're switching from one operating system to the other (e.g. iOS to Android) and using the same Oura account, your previous data history won't show in the newly downloaded Oura app.

How can I view my previous data after switching to a new operating system?

If you are switching from Android to iOS or iOS to Android, you won’t be able to view your previous data in the Oura app on your new device. However, this information will still be available in Oura on the web.

Can I connect my ring to two devices at once?

The Oura app and ring should only be connected to one device at a time. Pairing the ring with multiple devices can lead to connection issues as and, in some cases, the loss of data or battery life.

How do I disconnect my ring from my current device?

1.) Back up your Oura data. Tap the menu in the upper left-hand corner of the home tab (☰), tap 'Settings' > tap 'Back up all data' below your account's email address.

2.) Next, perform a factory reset on your ring. Tap the ring icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Oura home tab > Swipe left > Scroll down and tap 'Factory reset'.

3.) Force close the Oura app.

4.) Open your device's Bluetooth settings.

5.) Disconnect and forget the device listed as "Oura_AO38xxx".

6.) Uninstall the Oura app.

How do I connect the ring to a new device?

1.) Ensure that your previous device has Bluetooth disabled, or is not in close proximity.

2.) Install the Oura app on your phone.

3.) Connect the ring to the charger (if the ring has been out of use, you may have to let it charge for a while to wake it up).

4.) Launch the newly installed Oura app, and log in to your Oura account.

5.) With the ring still on the charger, follow the app instructions for pairing the ring.

6.) If the ring hasn't already been reset to factory settings, the app will go into restricted mode and ask you to reset the ring to factory settings to proceed. Choose ‘Factory reset’ > tap ‘OK’.

7.) After resetting the ring, the app will ask you to connect the ring and app again (step 4). 

8.) Once the ring and app have been reconnected, you can start wearing the ring once again.

How do I connect the ring to a device that has already been used with Oura?

1.) Ensure that your previous phone has Bluetooth disabled, or is not in close proximity.

2.) Place your new ring on the charger and make sure it's charging (charger light will begin flashing slowly).

3.) Select the spinning circle from the top corner of the Oura app.

4.) From there, swipe from right to left to reach the 'My Oura ring' page.

5.) Scroll down to select 'Set up new ring'.

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