What is Restricted Mode?

Restricted mode is Oura’s way of protecting your information in case an unwanted party gets ahold of your Oura Ring and attempts to pair it with their device.

Restricted Mode protects your personal data if you happen to lose your Oura Ring or it’s stolen. If an external party tries to pair your ring with their device, the Oura app will require a factory reset to be performed prior to setup. A factory reset will wipe all collected data from the ring’s memory.

Restricted Mode may otherwise come into play if you attempt to pair your ring to a new device without performing a factory reset. Avoid pairing your ring to more than one device at a time for this reason. If you’d like to switch devices, be sure to perform a factory reset prior to. Follow the link below to guide you in this process.

If the app notifies you that it's in Restricted Mode, you'll need to reset the ring to its factory settings in order to continue using it. To do so, please visit this link.

When resetting your ring to factory settings, only data from the ring's memory will be erased. Previous data history that has been synced to your Oura account will not be affected.

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