Troubleshooting Connection Issues (iOS and Android)

If your ring is not connecting to the Oura App, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

Initial Troubleshooting
Bluetooth Reset
Ring Reset
Additional Troubleshooting
More Information

Initial Troubleshooting

  1. Place your ring on its charger
  2. Connect your phone to its own charger to ensure all power saving features are disabled
  3. Place your phone next to the ring
  4. Open the Oura App and see if it is able to connect to the ring

Bluetooth Reset

  1. Keep your ring on its charger with the power connected
  2. Turn off your phone’s Bluetooth
  3. Force close the Oura App (ensure that it is not running in the background)
  4. Re-enable Bluetooth
  5. Restart the Oura App
  6. Check if the app is able to connect with your ring

Ring Reset

  1. Keep your ring on its charger
  2. Tap the charger firmly and rapidly a few times on a table, keeping the ring in place with the help of your finger (shown in the graphic below)
  3. Wait approximately one minute, then re-open the Oura App to check if the connection is established


Additional Troubleshooting Steps

  • Keep the ring on its charger and go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings and remove your ring ("oura_A038xxx") from the list of connected devices. Open the Oura App and follow the instructions to re-pair your ring
  • Confirm that your ring is connected to only one device. Pairing the ring with multiple devices can lead to connection issues, lost data, and decreased battery life
    • If you have changed mobile devices, follow instructions in the Set Up an Oura Ring article on how to transfer your Oura data to a new phone
  • Try deleting the Oura App and reinstalling it
  • Turn off your device's Wi-Fi. (This can interfere with Bluetooth in certain cases)
  • Confirm that your device is on the latest version of its operating system (OS) and that you are using the latest version of the Oura App
  • Restart your device
  • If using an Android device:
    • Open your device’s "Settings" > "Apps" > "Oura" > "Permissions" > "Location" needs to be enabled
    • Clear the Bluetooth cache

If you are still experiencing issues with connecting your ring, please contact our team.

To troubleshoot problems with your charger, see our Troubleshooting Charging Issues page.

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