Trouble Connecting (Android)

Having trouble connecting your Oura Ring? Follow these steps.

Note: if you are attempting to connect a replacement ring, please visit this article.

1. Confirm You're Using the Latest Version of Android

Open your device’s settings, select ‘About Device’ or ‘About Phone’, and select ‘System Update’.

If an update is available, update your device’s operating system(OS) and try connecting your Oura Ring once the update is complete.

2. Confirm You're Using the Latest Version of Oura

Open the Play Store, search for 'Oura', tap ‘Oura’, and select ‘Update’ if an update is available.

Open the Oura app once the update has finished and reconnect your Oura Ring.

3. Check Your Device's Bluetooth Privacy & Battery Optimization Settings

Open your device’s settings, select ‘Apps’, select ‘Oura’, select ‘Permissions’, and ensure ‘Location’ is enabled.


Next, while remaining in the settings of your device, please ensure the 'Battery Optimization' settings are disabled for the Oura app. Battery Optimization settings may interfere with your ring's connection. We suggest visiting your specific device's manual for instructions on disabling this setting.

4. Ensure Your Oura Ring is Connected to One Device

Please note, your Oura Ring should be connected to one device. Pairing your ring with multiple devices can lead to connection issues, data loss, and decreased battery life.

5. Basic Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Place your Oura Ring on its charger with the power cable connected.
  2. Disable your device's Bluetooth, wait 5 seconds, and enable it again.
  3. Restart the Oura app (make sure to force close it from the background).
  4. Restart your device.

6. If Your Oura Ring Still Doesn't Connect, Try a Hardware Reset

Please note, performing a hardware reset may result in loss of data. A hardware reset should only be used as a final resort.

  1. Close the Oura app.
  2. Place the ring on the charger with the power cable connected.
  3. Tap the charger as firmly and quickly as possible on a table or surface several times, keeping the ring in place with the help of your finger when tapping (view visual below for help on how to do this).
  4. Wait one minute, then open the Oura app to check if the connection has been established.


If you're still experiencing connection issues, please visit our Known Issues article.

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