Oura on the Web: An Introduction

What is it?

Oura on the web is Oura's online dashboard where you can use additional tools to interact with your data, allowing you to gain more insights.

How can I use it? 

You can access it using your Oura credentials here: https://cloud.ouraring.com

Once you've logged in, you'll see two major views:
- The Dashboard view, where you can check out your daily Sleep, Activity, and Readiness data

- The Trends view, where you can track daily, weekly, and monthly data as well as dig deeper into the correlations between different metrics. 

What if my data is missing? 

If your latest sleep and recovery data isn't visible in your web dashboard, try backing up your data manually in the Oura app settings:

  1. Check that your phone has wi-fi/mobile data enabled.
  2. Open the Oura app, and go to Settings > Account > Back up all data. 
  3. Once data backup is complete, check your data in Oura on the web.

Note: Tags are not currently visible in Oura on the web.

How Can I Use Trends?

The Trends view in Oura on the web allows you to track daily, weekly and monthly trends in your sleep, recovery and activity data, and spot correlations between different Oura stats. 

  1. Select the trend graph type from the top right corner of the Trends view. 
  2. Choose the metrics you want to track by adding graphs below the timeline. Select the metrics from the pull-down menus.
  3. To adjust the date range, drag and stretch the highlighted area on the timeline.

Example: This graph shows how total sleep duration has varied over a period of four months. The value in the graph highlighted in black shows the average sleep duration during the selected time period.


  Example: Correlation between body temperature deviation and deep sleep. 


Where Can I Learn More?


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