How Does Oura Collect and Use Data?

The metrics you track with your Oura ring are truly personal. That is the driving force behind what we do: to empower you to track, understand and optimize your sleep and recovery. 

Here is an overview of what happens when you use the Oura ring, the Oura app and Oura Cloud:

  1. The ring collects your physiological signals, such as heart rate, body temperature deviation and movement.
  2. The ring syncs the data it collects to the Oura app. Your data is connected to the Oura account you have created when taking the Oura ring into use.
  3. The Oura app syncs your data with our servers. The Oura ring, the Oura app and Oura Cloud use the raw data gathered by the ring to guide you towards better recovery and sleep. Your data is uploaded to our servers so that we can offer you the full Oura experience and also keep improving our services. You can also switch rings and phones without losing your data.
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